Tuesday, December 04, 2012

November 2012 Favourites!

I know that I didn't do an October Favourites, mostly because I didn't have anything new to share but this month is a whole new ball game! I have been trying, using and rediscovering some new things and old things, you know how it goes.  I just love favourite posts/YouTube videos, it's fun to see what others are enjoying.

For my face, I've been loving...

Coconut Oil and Tamanu Oil - Both provide the perfect amount of hydration and help heal and prevent acne.  I have yet to do a review of Tamanu Oil but will soon!

Eminence Apricot Whip Moisturizer - review here - This is literally the only moisturizer that I can use in combination with a facial oil and not feel or look greasy.  It provides a great base for makeup and hydrates any dry patches.  It also smells absolutely delicious!

Antipodes Lip Balm - review here - a-freakin-mazing balm for dry lips and cold weather!! Omg, I am obsessed and must apply this every morning and night.  I'm literally scared of losing it so I keep it by my bed side instead of in my purse.  It has been soothing my lips and making them kissably soft *puckers*.

For my hair, I've been loving...

Sukin Purifying Shampoo - review here - I didn't originally like this, I thought it was super drying but....I've changed my mind.  I added several drops (15-20) of lavender essential oil and find it to be more moisturizing.  It's been in rotation with the next product.

John Masters Zinc & Sage Shampoo - review here - mmmm, still love the cupcake scent.  This has been wonderful and I've been loving it this month.  It soothes my scalp and leaves my hair so soft.

John Masters Citrus & Neroli Detangler - review here - I really enjoy this lightweight conditioner for when I need a little extra moisture after using JM's Zinc & Sage.  I won't use it all the time, but my hair has it's days.

Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap in Eucalyptus - review here - I've purchased and used this soap in peppermint, citrus, tea tree and eucalyptus (most recent).  Eucalyptus is by far my faveeeee scent of all.  I add a couple of drops of it to my body wash, shampoo, hand soap, use it to wash my most stinky bits (feet and pits) and just love how it smells and wakes me right up.  I've been meaning to make a bathroom cleaner and hand soap with it but am using up what I already have right now. When I end up doing that, I will post a DYI.

Coconut Oil - see above - I have been using this on my hair and scalp a couple of times of week to help with my seborrheic dermatitis.  I put it in, tie my hair up, and sleep with it.  In the morning I take a comb and gently remove any flakes from my scalp (as you would on a baby with cradle cap).  It's been working like a dream.

To moisturize my body, I've been loving....

Weleda Skin Food - review here - This stuff is great! I use it on my hands and feet before bed, as well as dry areas on my face (nose).  It works like a dream and is a must have for winter without a doubt!

Shea Terra Bourbon Vanilla Whipped Shea Butter - review here - Love, love, love, LOVE! It smells so good and hydrates so beautifully without feeling greasy.  I use it every single day after I shower.

I'm haven't tried too many new things in terms of makeup.  One item is completely new and the other is something that was in a kit I got with my Sephora beauty insider points in the summer.  I will be experimenting with some new makeup soon (shadows, liners, etc) though.

Tarte Park Avenue Princess Bronzer - no review - I didn't review this or the set that I got it in for some reason.  I honestly have no clue what was even in the set but this is a mini size of the bronzer.  It's shimmery and could definitely be used to highlight but I have been using and loving it to contour as well as add a little luminosity to my face as a whole.  I won't purchase the full size because I think this will last me for a long time + by the time I'm finished it, I'll be wanting to try something else lol.

Alima Pure Foundation in Warm 2 - review here -  HG foundation! I use it alone or over concealer and it totally neutralizes any redness that I have.  I will definitely be picking up another colour come the warmer months.

Pure+Simple Blush in Glow - review here - I am literally obsessed with this colour and wear it practically every single day.  It's such a beautiful raspberry pink colour that (I think) looks fantastic on me.  Gives me that cold weather natural rosy flush.  I mentioned it in my September faves, it was also in my October faves (which I didn't do) and now this month!  It will likely be my favourite blush until I finish it lol. Go pick it up!

What did you love in November?

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