Thursday, December 11, 2014

Disappointing Products

Hello Lovelies! Hope you're all well. I cannot friggen believe that it's already December AND almost Christmas. Have you done all of your Christmas shopping and wrapping yet? 

Today is basically a snow day where I'm at, not that I was working today anyway, so I decided to do some cleaning up. In the process, I came across a bunch of products that I've been super disappointed with and thought I'd share them with you. Disclaimer: What doesn't work for me, may work for you. I am in no way trying to bash these brands and definitely love other products from them. These are simply products that didn't work for me the way I had expected them to.


*Blissoma Natural Deodorants in Juniper, Lavender, & Citrus (not pictured) - I was sent these a few months ago to try out and haven't gotten on well with them. I've read so many good reviews and either I got a bad batch or they actually just don't work for me. First off, all three scents smell lovely and aren't at all too strong. The bottles are nice and light, perfect for travelling. The deodorant itself is such a weird texture, almost gelatinous and sticky. I feel like they take forever to dry and I stink within an hour of applying. I'm a huge fan of their facial products, but these deos...suck..

Andalou Naturals Beta Hydroxy Complex Recovery Cream & Lemon Sugar Facial Scrub - I'm a big fan of Andalou Naturals and love several of their products. I was so excited to try this cream because I had read great reviews and my skin is prone to breakouts and clogged pores, which this cream is supposed to help with. Sadly, it did absolutely nothing for my skin. In fact, I think it broke me out more. The scrub isn't that bad, it smells awful and has more of a cream scrub texture. I mean, it works alright. I guess the scrub isn't as disappointing as the cream. If you're looking for a scrub though, the Andalou Chia Scrub is fantastic!

Ilia Polka Dots & Moonbeans Highlighter (sample) - I purchased this sample from Fresh Faced or Clementine Fields, can't remember now. I'm a big fan of Ilia lip products and thought that I'd give the highlighter a go. The colour is actually really nice, it has a hint of yellow/gold making it look super natural. However, the texture of the product has been hard and kind of chalky since day one. When I apply it to my face, it just looks patchy and makes my skin look dry. I also picked up a sample of the W3LL People Universalist in #2 Moonstone Glow, at the same time, and absolutely adore the formulation of that one much more.

Pacifica Dreamlit Under Eye Brightener - I haven't ventured into the world of Pacifica makeup or skin care, but I do love their perfumes. I was SO excited when I heard that they came out with a brightener and concealer. I picked up and was disappointed by both (brightener and concealer). The concealer (that isn't pictured because I gave it away) was way too orange for me. The under eye brightener, as you can see, is just really, really pink and kind of dark. It has a nice fluid texture, that keeps it from creasing quickly, but not only does it not brighten under my eyes, it also wears off incredibly quickly. If you don't have super dark circles or veins and have more of a medium skin tone, both the under eye brightener and all over concealer would probably work well for you.

That's all I have for disappointing products. If you've tried any of these, please let me know your experiences! :)

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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

November 2014 Empties

November was a shitty month for me, so I'm definitely glad that it's over. December is going to be busy and fun, with Christmas/holidays and all. Anyone else love this time of the year?
This month I actually didn't finish as much as I expected to, however, I did get through a bunch of minis/samples. 

John Masters Scalp Shampoo - This is a new product in the JM range and what drew me in was the fact that it's supposed to help with oily hair and scalp. It smelled like spearmint gum, which was super refreshing and tingly on the scalp, as well as invigorating in the morning. I really liked that it left my hair and scalp squeaky clean without being irritating. Even though it barely lathered, meaning I had to use more product than usual, this bottle lasted me a good five months. This wasn't an everyday shampoo for me, it was a once or twice a week shampoo that helped clarify and refresh. I may repurchase, however, Myra Aso told me that I can mix baking soda with my normal shampoo to help clarify. If it saves me $20+ and actually works, that'll be my new clarifying shampoo.

Organic Matter Level 1 Shampoo - review here - I loved and still love this shampoo so much. It was gentle, virtually scentless (although I do love a bit more scent in my shampoo), non-irritating on my sensitive scalp, and left my hair and scalp clean yet conditioned. I've already repurchased.

Pretty Skin Repair Body Oil - This body oil is actually for stretch mark repair after giving birth, however, since I already have stretch marks I decided to give it a go. The scent was lovely, mild patchouli, and the oil itself absorbed really well into the skin. I've now gone through two bottles and have noticed that my stretch marks, while still there, are less noticeable. My only issue with this oil is the bottle and pump cap, it leaked all the time as you can probably see from the label. May repurchase at some point.

Essencia Wild Cornflower Floral Water - I picked this up on a whim, months ago, and have really enjoyed using it. Wild Cornflower is apparently great for reducing redness and soothing the eye area. As a compress, it can also help reduce puffiness around the eyes. That being said, I used this as a facial toner, as well as to remove any extra mascara that was left behind after cleansing. It smelled a little musty but was very gentle, non irritating, and pleasant to use. Would definitely repurchase.

*New Leaf Hand Soap in Hint O' Mint & Lovely Lavender - review here - As much as I enjoyed the scent and how well these cleansed my hands, the castile base was very drying. Will not repurchase.

*Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda Free Deo in Grapefruit - review here -  LOOOOVEEEE. It is hands down the best deodorant that I have ever used, that doesn't irritate my underarms. I loved the fresh, citrus scent and how creamy the formula was. It kept me stink free almost the whole day. Already repurchased the full size.

*Organic Bath Co. Java Jolt Scrub (mini) - review here - Java Jolt is the perfect name for this little scrub. Although I don't drink coffee, I love the scent of it and this scrub definitely smelled like a cup of java. While the jar was too small to see if it actually helped with cellulite (as coffee, applied to the body, can), it was a great morning pick me up and fantastic exfoliant. I have not been disappointed with any of the Organic Bath Co. scrubs and I hope they become available in Canada soon! Would repurchase.

*Province Apothecary Cleanser + Makeup Remover - review here - My thoughts on this cleanser remain true to the review, it's fabulous! It removed makeup well and left my skin soft, all while smelling lovely. Would definitely repurchase.

*Province Apothecary Invigorating + Balancing Toner - review here - So...remember how I said in my review that I'd be picking up the full size? I haven't yet. Toner is my addiction and I love trying new ones all the time. This one, however, was really great! I love the blend of ingredients that make it purifying yet gentle. I WILL be picking up the full size at some point.

Those two little samples jars were of a peel by Suki and the gentle cleanser by Acure. Both were given to me by Lisa, of Glam Goes Green, The peel was fantastic for brightening and exfoliating. The Acure cleanser, although contained argan oil, didn't irritate my skin. My only issue was the scent, yuck. Both were only a couple of uses.

*Earthbody Brighten Cleanser + Mask - I received this little gem in the August Petit Vour box and truly loved using it. I mixed it with water, toner, honey, and apple cider vinegar and found it worked well regardless of which mixing medium was used. It pulled out impurities, helped dry up blemishes, and brightened the skin. May purchase the full size at some point.

Lady Gaga Fame Perfume I finally finished up this bottle of perfume, that I had for two-ish years. While it was definitely not natural, it smelled beautiful. It was floral and sweet and sexy, all at the same time. I don't wear perfume often, but when I do I spray it on my clothes (not directly on skin) and it has to be a scent that I like (obviously). I have yet to find a mind blowing natural perfume and until I do, I'll continue using "toxic" ones. Go ahead, judge me! In any case, this is one that I'd repurchase in a smaller bottle.
Desert Essence Coconut Hand & Body Lotion - I love me some coconut smelling products but, this smelled horrible. The coconut scent, while fake, smelled like plastic. Would never purchase the full size.
What did you finish up this month? If you have a blog/YT channel, link your empties down below :)
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Monday, December 01, 2014

Glam Goes Green in Bolton

Hello lovelies! Today I am super excited to share with you my visit to Glam Goes Green in Bolton, Ontario (Canada). Some of you may already know Lisa, she's pretty active on social media and a serious advocate for natural products. With 9 women in her life being diagnosed with breast cancer, she knew it was time to change her diet and overall lifestyle. She opened up a green spa, Serenity on the Humber, a couple of years ago but realized that her passion was educating. Educating people on the Obscene 13, how it impacts their body and skin, and providing natural alternatives to replace their beauty and lifestyle products. She quickly put the spa on hold when the opportunity to open up a store presented itself, and I could not be happier for her.
Lisa's store is small, cozy, product packed, and absolutely beautiful. She carries a variety of products from hair care to skin care, tea to chocolate, and first aid remedies. With brands like Corpa Flora, Pure Anada, Honeybee Gardens, Real Techniques, Red Apple Lipstick, Chocosol, 100% Pure, and many more, you're bound to find something for you.
Flowers, entrance, beautiful!
UMMM..HEAVEN? To the left we got body moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants and more. To the right we there's skin care, toothpaste, sunscreen, etc.
Okay but who else loves that damn little table? It is so cute! 
Chocolate and makeup, how can you go wrong? You can't!
Is there such a thing as too much lipstick? Nope.
Action of the grand opening. Celine, from Corpa Flora doing demos (left), Lisa educating customers (middle), people shopping (middle), and more makeup (right)!
Lisa, owner of Glam Goes Green, and Celine, Founder and Creator of Corpa Flora.
Celine, Lisa, and moi! Excuse my entire self, I had been up since 7, went to work at the spa, then helped out (kinda) at GGG, and this was taken late at night.
Cute shop eh? If you can't make it to the shop, although I highly suggest you try if you're in the GTA or going to be near it, you can also shop online. Might I suggest the sale section? 
Since the grand opening, Lisa has moved stuff within the shop around. She's also brought in Acure, which isn't available anywhere else in Canada, and it's selling like hot cakes!
Keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway happening soon, on here, with Glam Goes Green. In the meantime, check out the website and let me know what you're dying to try most.
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