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Sniff This: Poppy Jane Candle Co.

Candles have never really been by thing growing up, despite the fact that my mom was (and still is) a candle hoarder. Within the last few years I've gone from not caring about candles, to being obsessed with the candles from Bath and Body Works, to not being able to stand them (BBW candles) anymore. So, began my journey into natural candles; pure essential oil fragranced, beeswax/soy wax, cotton wick, hand poured with love candles. Although I haven't tried many different brands, I can say that the few I've tried did not fragrance a small room, let alone a house. My assumption was that natural candles suck. Plain and simple. That was until Poppy Jane Candle Co. came into my life.
Poppy Jane Candle Co. was launched by Erin Lundeen exactly one year after she and her sister said goodbye to Fig+Sage--the blog that brought them international recognition within the natural products industry.

With a love of all things natural, a DIY attitude and a firm belief that quality is much better than quantity, Erin started making all-natural candles as a hobby that quickly turned into something more in the winter of 2013. She began sourcing, blending, concocting and testing the most natural ingredients she could find into truly pure aromatherapy candles. And thus, Poppy Jane Candle Co. was born.
Erin is a native Californian, born and raised on the Central Coast. She, her husband and their 3 children {Sören, Anika Jane and Märit Poppy} love spending their days soaking up the sunshine, geocaching, gardening and enjoying the great food & wine culture in the area. Erin and Karl work as a team, working on all design aspects of the business. Erin sources the raw beeswax from a local beekeeper, hand-blends the top-quality essential oils and pours the candles in small batches in their workshop. Every candle that leaves our workshop is a labor of love, made with the best ingredients we could find.

Up until a few months ago, Poppy Jane only shipped within the USA. When they began shipping to Canada, Erin contacted me asking if I wanted to try out their products and provide feedback. I was basically a happy little guinea pig. Erin sent me the *Aromatherapy Candle Travel Tin Gift Pack ($35 USD/3 x 4 oz candles) and it arrived within a week or so. Talk about fast shipping! Aside from the beautiful packaging that it came in, the tins themselves are adorable and great for travelling with, and the candles actually fragrance an entire room but are not at all overwhelming or overpowering.

Description: Here it is! The perfect way to give Poppy Jane as a gift or a sampler to find out which PJ scent is your fave. Includes your choice of three of our 4 oz. travel tins. A better value than buying each candle separately and all packaged up in a kraft box with polka dot tissue paper!

Breathe Deep: This aromatherapeutic Breathe Deep candle is designed to clear your head and energize your mind. We blended refreshing oils like Eucalyptus and Peppermint and added a woodsy touch of Rosemary and Tea Tree with a crisp citrus note to top it all off. The result is a truly pure candle that is sure to wake you up and open up your sinuses while enhancing mental clarity. So go ahead, take a deep breath.

Obsessed! Seriously, this candle smells in-freakin-credible!! The description is spot on, in terms of the scent, and I find that it really does open up my sinuses when I'm stuffy. My favourite time to burn this candle is while I'm doing yoga. After all, in yoga it's all about the breath. Breathe Deep, namaste.

Sleep Tight: This special blend was created to promote calm and relaxation before bedtime. Lavender essential oil promotes relaxation, lemongrass essential oil helps facilitate deep rest and calms the mind while marjoram essential oil can help relieve insomnia. Our favorite ingredient in this candle is Roman Chamomile which does all of the above--it is our all-time favorite essential oil!

Oh yes, how could anyone not have at least one candle loaded with lavender and/or chamomile to burn right before bed? I love lavender, so I had hoped that this would smell more like it than it actually does, however, the blend of all the essential oils is just lovely. Personally, I smell the zest of the lemongrass and the chamomile more than the other oils. It's beautiful before bed and have burned it several times since receiving it to help me sleep.

Gin +Tonic: When it's not apropos to pour yourself a stiff drink (say, during a hectic work day or at noon while you're home with the kids) we have just the solution for you! We've blended juniper berry, lime and other delicious citrus oils together to create an uplifting and refreshing aroma, then added it to our creamy blend of 100% pure soy wax and beeswax. The result is a cocktail in a can, minus the impaired judgement. Cheers!

Cheers is right, my friends! My life (both personal and work) has been a hectic work day for the entire month of March. I've been on the go non-stop and so, to avoid actually drinking, I've been burning this baby. Even though it's called Gin + Tonic, sniffing it makes me want a vodka lime. Actually, just thinking about it makes me want a vodka lime. Vodka lime anyone?? While the lime really stands out here, the marriage of juniper berry and lime is perfect and great for anyone who likes an uplifting citrus scent.

I'm so impressed with these candles. They have exceeded my expectations and raised the bar for natural candles. Thank you Lilly (Genuine Glow) for the introduction and thank you Erin for giving me the opportunity to try them. Sadly, shipping to Canada is absolutely insane. I find that's always the case when a brand begins shipping here, however, that's no fault of theirs as shipping to/from/within Canada is ridiculous. I truly love these candles and if shipping wasn't so crazy, I'd without a doubt pick up a couple of full sizes. If you live in the USA, go buy these right now. Just go.

Get them here: Poppy Jane Candles Co.

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