Disclaimer/PR Friendly


This blog is solely managed by me. All opinions are 100% my own and will never be skewed by free product(s). When a product impacts me negatively (irritation, acne, etc), I sometimes ask my mom to try it in order to provide an actual review of the product. I will of course discuss both of our experiences and/or opinions in my review. Just because a product works amazingly well or not at all for me, doesn't mean it will be the same for you. Also, products that have been provided for review or purchased by myself will be indicated in my reviews.

PR Friendly 

I am more than happy to accept products, as long as they fall into the theme of my blog, in exchange for an honest review. I'm always looking to discover new natural/organic brands and love trying out new products. I am also open to hosting giveaways.

If you'd like to discuss your company and/or product with me, please email me at ecochicbeautydiva@gmail.com. I do ask that you put your company name in the subject line.


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