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Brand Focus: Batch Naturals

I love discovering new brands, especially when they're Canadian. Of course I was over the moon excited when one of my good friends gave me a few natural goodies from Batch Naturals, a Canadian brand that I had never tried or even heard of, for Christmas.
Batch Naturals is a one woman show. I do everything from creating the design and labels on my products, to the actual product. Once in awhile my 9 year old son assists me by manning the booth at artisan shows.
All of my skin care products are made by hand in my small home studio. I aim to give you softer, smoother and healthier skin using quality ingredients. I truly love what I do. I have spent countless of hours researching and communicating with the farmers and producers responsible for the ingredients in my products, and I support the farmers and gatherers of my ingredients implicitly. They are small farmers, some local, and in regions that cannot afford being certified organic and fair trade because of the costs involved, even though they still follow traditional farming practices that don't involve pesticides and chemicals. I have always been the one to support the underdog.

My obsession with research drives me forward every day to gain knowledge and formulate quality products. My passion for knowledge, combined with my love and dedication to creating what is best for us in this chemical burdened world is what keeps me motivated.
It all started when I had to create chemical free products for my chemical sensitive son. I also recognized that there was a need to resist the status quo of chemical laden, synthetic and petroleum based products. By resisting the unhealthy, we’re embracing longevity.
Armed with an arsenal of knowledge and healthy ingredients, I intend to change the world! Or at least make it healthier for us.
 Read more about the brand here.

My friend was kind enough to gift me the Abyssinian Body Oil Whip, Multipurpose Cream, and a soap.

Ingredients: distilled water, abyssinian oil, organic virgin coconut oil, olive oil, cocoa butter, stearic acid (plant derived), eco cert emulsifying wax, citric acid, potassium sorbate, radish root ferment filtrate, pthalate free fragrance
Description: This abyssinian oil body whip has a mysterious, sweet, earthy aroma. Notes of amber, patchouli, rose and sandalwood blends with nuances of jasmine and citrus to bring out subtle spice undertones. Base notes of vanilla and powder completes this scent. Filled with the goodness of premium oils (abyssinian, extra virgin coconut) and natural cocoa butter it isn’t the least bit oily. This fast absorbing, paraben-free formula is fantastic for even the most sensitive skin. Retails for $8 CDN for 60 ml.

Given the fact that this body whip has a beautiful blend of oils and cocoa butter, it absorbs surprisingly well without leaving any greasy feeling. I'm not sure what it feels like to rub a fluffy moist cloud on my body but, I imagine it would feel something like this body whip. It's hydrating, however, I don't think it's enough for very dry skin. The scent is very strong, delicious, but strong. Although the scent dies down, it lingers most of the day. Something to keep in mind if you're sensitive to scents. The same friend who gave me this, told me that she was using it on her combination facial skin and enjoyed how nourishing it was when her skin was feeling dry. This product was a major win in my books.

Ingredients: pure unrefined fair trade organic virgin coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, apricot oil, ghana shea butter, beeswax, dragon’s blood resin, myrrh gum, pure essential oils, rooibos, grape seed extract, vitamin e
Description: Our creams moisturize hands, feet, and body. Recommended application is right after you get out of the shower or bath for a little pampering or before you go outside in the cooler months. A little bit goes a very long way, just take a small portion on your finger tip and apply. As it warms on your skin it will spread further. Our creams are slightly heavier so they go a long way with maximum moisturization properties. Retails for $13 CDN for 60 ml.

This balm textured "cream" is rich and perfect for applying on extremely dry areas, like elbows, knees and feet. Actually, I always apply it on my feet after a shower to keep them soft and well moisturized. Since it is a balm texture, a little goes a long way and needs to be massaged into the skin for better absorption. Otherwise, it can be a little greasy. It smells more like lime, than coconut, and isn't as strong nor does it linger as long as the body whip. A lovely product that will last a long time.

Ingredients: on label
Description: We make our bars in small batches from scratch by cold press method. We use our own simple recipe blending the purest and healthiest ingredients. A beautiful soap with a fantastic scent, made with coconut oil that gives a moisturising and creamy lather. A Blend of virgin unrefined coconut oil, organic olive oil and avocado butter create a mild, skin-nourishing soap with refreshing scent of lemongrass and sweet basil. Retails for $4.50 CDN for approx. 100 g bar.

Lemongrass and/or basil aren't scents that I normally gravitate towards but, this soap smells so good! Without being too strong or lingering for long, it gives you a fresh burst of fragrance that instantly wakens up your senses. It lathered well and left my skin soft, never dry. I also like that there's kaolin clay in it, perfect for blemished skin. Yes, I get blemishes on my chest, shoulders and back *cries*. Even though it didn't last very long, I really, really like this soap.
All products can be purchased through Batch Naturals.
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  1. Looking like a very cute beauty brand! x

    1. The ones who make at home are always adorable packaged xo

  2. "I intend to change the world!" - Ah, just love that, I love when product makers like this and bloggers can get together to showcase natural, safe beauty- and hopefully reach the masses, or just one person at a time. Absolutely awesome. Great write up. Cool products too, will have to check some out! Love the packaging!

    1. Thanks babe! Again, agree with everything you said. xo

  3. Lime & Coconut.....that sounds amazing even though you said its more lime than coconut. Love your description of the body whip butter and fluffy clouds :-)

    1. You want to rub fluffy clouds on your body, don't you? lol xo

  4. Great post! I haven't heard of this company before, but I so want to rub a fluffy cloud on my body too now :)

    1. It's such a tiny company, my friend found it at a small craft show. Everyone should rub a fluffy cloud on them at some point xo

  5. I love her ethos! And all of the products you tried sounds great - your friend clearly has good taste ;)

    Mayah x


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