Saturday, June 02, 2012

Pretty Facial Tonics Review

In my review of the Pretty Ginger & Cypress Soothing mask, I mentioned their Facial Tonics.  I more specifically mentioned their Roman Chamomile one, however, I have tried their True Lavender as well.  They also have a Triple Rose Facial Tonic, however, I'm not a fan of rose scents so I steer clear of it.  I'm sure it's amazing thought because I love their other two.

Claim: Pure organic floral waters contain the beneficial nutrients and essence of each flower. We use the classic age-old method of steam distillation. Our flowers are harvested from small, organic farms using only the freshest plant material. These precious waters are rich in antioxidants and protect the skin from free radical damage at the cellular level. They should be used throughout the day to refresh and hydrate skin. With continued use, skin will be soft, smooth and revitalized. Available in 90 mL.

I love that the smell of them isn't overpowering.  I have regular chamomile water which although very soothing, the smell can be a bit much for me.  These tonics definitely have the chamomile and lavender scents without making everyone around you plug their nose when you walk by.  It's just so fresh!  It instantly calms and soothes the skin upon spritz or application (if you prefer to put on cotton pad first, then wipe face).  I use it to refresh my makeup, extra hydration in the winter and to soothe my skin all year round. 

Story time!  Who doesn't love a story!?

I actually work with this lady who has rosacea and she always asks me for advice on what makeup or skin care she should use to help her.  It's really hard to tell someone what they should use, even when you know skin or skin care because it's all trial and error.  People react differently even if they have the same skin issue.  For example: tea tree is great for acne and dandruff, but it irritates my skin to the point where I have to avoid it entirely.  Anyway, when the ladies (and I) placed a large order with Pretty a year or so ago, I suggested the True Lavender Facial Tonic without even trying it myself.  I had already tried so many other products from this line, and loved them all, I had no doubt it would work for her.  She LOVES (loves as in still uses and loves) it!  She uses it to this day, obviously not the same bottle, but continues to repurchase.  It really helps calm and soothe her rosacea.  I have seen a huge improvement in the redness and texture of her skin.  And that my friends, says it all!

Which would you be interested in trying?

Retails for approx. $16 CAN.  You can read more about and purchase them through

Picture taken directly from Pretty

Ingredients Triple Rose: Organic Rose Damascena water distillate

Picture taken directly from Pretty

Ingredients True Lavender: Organic True Lavender water distillate

Picture taken directly from Pretty
Ingredients Roman Chamomile: Organic Roman Chamomile water distillate

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