Thursday, June 14, 2012


I really enjoy EcoTools brushes, their customer service on the other hand is total crap.  Ugh, let's not get into that.  So, I've been slowly purchasing single brushes from them over the last couple of years and have collected the following brushes: angle, shadow, concealer, foundation, blush, finishing kabuki and bronzer (which I can't find this moment to include in the "group" picture below).  They last so long, I swear they look brand new and I wash the foundation and concealer brushes once a week and the others every 2 - 3 weeks.  The bristles are taklon and they're ridiculous soft.  I love that the metal part is made from recycled aluminum and handle from eco-friendly bamboo.


Now, a little about each brush...

Angle Brush: I use this to shade in my eye brows at the moment.  I love how thin it is, it makes me feel like I'm penciling them in because of how precise it is.  It looks really natural and deposits the perfect amount of colour.  I haven't tried it with liner because I don't use liner regularly and the odd time that I do, I use pencil.

Shadow Brush: I really love this brush, for putting powdered highlighter on my brow bone and inner corner as well as to apply shadow.  It really packs on the colour and can be used to blend.

Concealer Brush: I have a love/hate relationship with this brush.  I find it's a little rough and can get hard.  It doesn't blend very well but I can work with it. 

Foundation Brush:  I love this!  So, so soft and blends my concealer and liquid foundation beautifully (I still use a sponge to give it an airbrush appearance). 

Blush Brush: This brush is great!  It took me a little while to actually purchase it but it's perfect.  Perfectly adds as much or as little colour to your cheeks.  Fits on your cheek perfectly.  Perfectly perfect perfection lol.  Could I have used the word perfect more? Geez. It is dense so if you want light application, tap off excess.

Finishing Kabuki: This brush is the  I love to use it to apply bronzer because the bristles are so far apart, sparse?  Sounds cheap.  It's not a dense brush?  Not very dense.  Get to the point.  It lightly applies colour and is great for blending out to ensure there are no harsh lines between your contour and blush, unless that's the look you're going for.

Bronzer Brush: to be perfectly (here we go again) honest, this brush is wayyyyyyy too dense to be a bronzer brush unless you're already dark.  I'm light to medium and can only use this brush for bronzer in the summer when I'm tanned.  I use this to stipple on my setting powder, apply mineral makeup and sheer out blush or contour (if I've applied too much).

I've been trying to find the Buffing Brush but when I asked EcoTools, it took them like 3 months to respond.  When they finally did respond, they directed me to their retailer list after I specifically said I've looked in or called majority of those retailers.  Was the most annoying thing ever.

Due to their shitty customer service, I really don't know if I will repurchase.  I'm looking at purchasing some of Sigma's synthetic brushes.

Have you tried EcoTools and/or Sigma?  Which do you like better?


  1. Sigma's Sigmax line and Bunny Collection are my absolute favorite! However, I love the bamboo handles on EcoTools!


  2. Awesome, I'm so excited to order a few and try them! I love the bamboo handles on EcoTools as well + the price lol.
    Looking forward to checking out your site :)


Thanks for the comment/feedback!

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