Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pure+Simple Face Colour (Blush) Review

My first review, of many to come, of Pure+Simple will be the blush! I have been loving it so much, in the 2 weeks that I have been using it, that I went a bought another one.  They're both really different and very beautiful.  I just want to recommend that you (if you're able to) go swatch colours because they can definitely be different from the monitor and real life. That's with anything though right?

  • Pure + simple’s line of Mineral Makeup - made of 100% pressed minerals (Zinc, Titanium, Iron, etc.)
  • Multi-use colours – can be used on eyes, cheeks + lips
  • 100% pigment since mineral makeup’s colour is derived from the minerals themselves.
  • Compacts are pressed with organic butters and oils without Silicons or Petroleum-based derivatives
  • No chemical fillers, dyes, or perfumes to clog or irritate the skin

I'm going to discuss Soleil first since I've had more time with it. It's described as a bronzy red glow on the website, BUT I personally think it's more of a bronzy peach glow. Almost like you're on or were on vacation and got a nice tan but slightly burnt (pink, not red) cheeks.  There is a little shimmer in the blush that adds to the beautiful glow it gives. I look forward to seeing how it looks when my face is much lighter. 

Next up is Glow!  It's described as a corally pink, BUT (of course there's a but) I would say it's more raspberry pink. Nevertheless, I love it!  I tried it on at the spa and Alaina (Hi Alaina!) helped me decide on the colour.  It was between Glow and Rosehip.  Rosehip is more matte and Glow is very shimmery, more than Soleil I'd say.  I haven't worn this long enough to give a detailed review on how I like it daily so I'll leave it at that.

All of their blushes are super pigmented but blend nicely.  Most have shimmer but I think there were a couple of almost matte colours, don't quote me.  It's so small and light that it's perfect to travel with, however, there is no mirror.  No mirror is not a big deal to me, I always have one around anyway.  It lasts all day on my skin with very little fading, obviously it's not as vibrant as when I first applied it but you can still see the beautiful colour on my cheeks.  I don't know if I would use this on my lips or lids but that's because I like to stick to neutrals.  If you have, let me know. I think the small packaging is clean, simple and sturdy.  Great product and I highly recommend.  The fact that I bought one myself, says it all.

Retails for $16.95 CAN for 5g.  Check out for more information.

Will you be trying these beauties?



Soleil (left) & Glow (right)

Glow (top) & Soleil (bottom)

 Glow (left) & Soleil (right)
Glow (top) & Soleil (bottom)

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