Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's a Bird..It's a Plane...It's...Oregano Oil?

This will probably be my most random post ever but I had to do it.  I have been using oregano oil for probably a year now and am so obsessed with it.  It is a super hero oil!

I originally purchased oregano oil because I heard it was great for fighting off infections whether on your skin (rash) or in your body (sore throat).  Getting sore throats and sinus infections regularly, I ran to get this.  I took it at the first sign of a sore throat and BAM it was gone.  I put 2 to 3 drops under my tongue at night and let it work it's magic.  Right now, I only take this when needed.  During the colder months, I take it a few times a week to boost my immune system.  Since using this, I have not been sick *knock on wood*. The taste is pretty horrible.  It lingers and you're burping up oregano (TMI!) and ew *gag*.  That was beyond dramatic, I know.  Surprisingly, I can hack it!  I can't eat zucchini but can take oregano oil.  Does anyone else think that's weird?  The potent taste of oregano burns your throat and causes a fit of coughing.  Wonderful.  I suggest drinking some water with it.

I have also used this, diluted with water, on skin rashes and acne and can say it really works.  At first, I wasn't diluting the oil and found it to be burn...really a bad patches all over my face...cold towel on face..that kind of burn.  Learn from me, never do it.  Now that I realize it works best diluted *Ohhh! Duh!*, that's what I've been doing.  It calms itching immediately and reduces the swelling or irritation within an hour, including acne bumps.  Seriously, try it. 

There are so many uses for oregano oil it's incredible.  Just Google the benefits of oregano oil youself and you'll be able to find several uses and benefits of this super hero oil.

I HIGHLY recommend you try it out next time you're sick, there are pill forms as well but the straight oil works amazingly fast.

What do you use oregano oil for?

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