Monday, August 13, 2012

At Home Facial - My Weekly Facial Routine

I like to give myself an at home facial twice a week in the warmer months and once a week in the colder months.  As of right now, I've been doing this twice a week and am really enjoying it.  I am testing out a bunch of new products so this might change slightly in the upcoming months, however, this is what I've been doing for now.
  1. Cleanse with favourite cleanser:  Pangea Egyptian Calendula & Blood Orange Cleanser
  2. Manually exfoliate with the Ginseng Facial Scrub Cream to get rid of any dead skin and impurities on the surface
  3. Use chemical exfoliant for deeper exfoliation: Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask, which I just adore
  4. Extract any and all black/white heads! EW! This is my favourite part.  I love giving facials to people because I LOVEEEEEEE extracting dirt from their pores.  Sounds gross but I just love it! 
  5. Use soothing mask to reduce redness: Pretty's Ginger & Cypress Soothing Mask
  6. Massage Pai's Rosehip Oil (which I must review soon), coconut oil OR DeVita's Glycolic Blend
I definitely extract and use both masks at least once a week.  On the second, at home facial of the week, I won't extract as much and I only use one mask sometimes instead of both.  I also try to do steps 1 to 3 before or after a shower in order to open or keep open my pores for extractions.

Do you enjoy giving yourself at home facials?  What are some of your must use products?

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