Monday, August 13, 2012

MarieNatie Lip Gloss Review

I love gloss and actually prefer it to lipstick. I think I might own a couple of lipsticks right now, which I've had for a few years and should probably throw out lol. I got sent these 2 wonderful glosses to try out and review. Of course, I will be completely honest as always :).

MarieNatie is an all natural cosmetic company that was founded by Marie Yang. With the growing consumer awareness of natural cosmetics and her own concern over what she uses on her skin, she was encouraged to create the best natural products available. You can read more about her and the company by clicking here.

Claim: An all-natural lip gloss providing sparkling colour and shine without the stickiness. The natural oils will offer protective antioxidants and lasting hydration for your lips.

I'm going to try not to talk about this for too long but O-M-G the smell and taste of this gloss is amazing. It tastes like burnt sugar with caramel, vanilla and a hint of cinnamon..seriously! It is SO hard not to lick my lips whenever I wear this and I'm obsessed with the scent. Moving on, it is very hydrating and not sticky whatsoever. It offers gorgeous gold micro-shimmer to lips that make them glisten and appear plumper. It's definitely a mix of two things I love so dearly, gloss and balm. The packaging is very chic and classy, as you can see below. I do have two negatives about this gloss. The first pains me because I had such high hopes...the colour is practically sheer (on me anyway) that what I thought would be a gorgeous hue, wasn't. The second is the staying/lasting power. I love Buxom glosses because they're a little sticky. I find sticky lasts longer and I don't know if this didn't because I couldn't stop myself from licking my lips or if my lips just soaked up all the amazing ingredients. Aside from that, I really like this gloss. I will likely purchase a couple of other shades and will have my fingers crossed that the colours translate on my lips.

Retails for $18 CAN and can be purchased through

Will you be trying out these glosses? What's your favourite shade?

Adorable Packaging

Left to right: Nearly Wild & Cotton Candy

Nearly Wild

Cotton Candy

Top to bottom: Nearly Wild & Cotton Candy

Nothing on my lips

Nearly Wild

Cotton Candy
 Ingredients:  Jojoba oil, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, vitamine E and vitamin E Acetate, pomegranate oil, sunflower oil, grapefruit seed oil, mica, essential oil

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