Thursday, August 09, 2012

Fresh Faced Haul!

I FINALLLLYYYY purchased some products (only 2, not really a haul then eh?) from and wanted to show you what I bought and what my experience was like. 

What I Bought: They had a sale on my beloved Pangea cleanser so I just couldn't resist purchasing it for when I run out, which should be real soon. I am also on the verge of finishing my current, non-natural, bronzer and thought I'd pick up Alima bronzer in Mauna Loa.

Ease of Ordering:  I love their site and did a blog post on them here.  The site was easy to navigate through and checking out was a breeze.

Speed of Delivery: I ordered these products on Saturday (I believe) and received them Wednesday.  Mind you, it was a long weekend here in Canada or I'm sure I would have received them sooner.

How it arrived + surprises: It arrived in a regular brown box (nothing fancy) and was well packed to avoid movement inside the box.  What I did love is that my bronzer and some surprise samples came in a cute reusable pouch.  I'm not sure if Alima products always come in this pouch or if it's just something nice that Fresh Faced like to put smaller products or samples in but I loved it.  I especially loved the samples because it's going to allow me to try some products.  Seriously, all companies should offer samples because nobody wants to spend money on a product (especially an expensive product) without knowing how it will work for them. 

Surprises (samples) Received: One Love Organics Love Springs Eternal Preservation Serum, Pai Macadamia & Rose dry skin cream, and Kahina Argan Oil.  Looking forward to trying them!

I will, of course, do mini reviews on the samples when I do a review of the bronzer.

Have you ordered from them yet? You should! 

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