Thursday, August 02, 2012

Nails of the Day / My New Fav Summer Nails

I painted my nails last night, right before bed, and I woke up with imprints from my pillows. I always say I'm going to be super careful but I love me some sleep and cannot be held responsible for my actions while sleeping! The orangey (slightly coral) colour was purchased this year and has been my absolute favourite this summer. I added some gold glitter nail polish to camouflage the imprints and it worked pretty well. I got so many compliments at work and I think it's my new fav look! I'll likely be rocking this for the rest of August. Ps. I don't usually like gold anything.

I purchased the orange shade at Winners for $5 CAN and the gold glitter one was a gift (that came in a set with like 5 or 6 other coloured glitter polishes) which was purchased from Style Sense before they closed down.

Do you like it? What has been your summer polish look this year?

 *I know my lighting sucks.  I love the decor of my bathroom but hate the lighting.  I'll work on it.

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