Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Tea Collection + What I'm Drinking Today

There have been several studies that show health benefits of drinking certain teas, such as but not limited to green and white. Some of the health benefits associated with tea include immune boost, lowered cholesterol, weight loss, and cancer fighting antioxidants.  While all of those added benefits are great, I drink tea because I enjoy it and love the different flavours available. I prefer bagged over loose leaf, just personal preference.

Here is my current small collection of teas and my thoughts on each one.

Yogi Green Tea: I really enjoy this green tea for digestion.  When I eat way too much and feel full, I tend to reach for this tea. It tastes and goes down really nicely, it's not an intense green tea flavour which I like. I would repurchase.

Yogi DeTox: I actually just picked this up recently and is my least favourite in terms of taste. It's lemon and ginger with a kick of sugar and something else. I haven't been reaching for this all that much but do find it "cleansing" when I do drink it. I won't be purchasing it again.

Yogi Calming: I bought this tea a few months ago, when I was having trouble sleeping. It has skullcap in it which is a mild sedative (yes, I copied that from the box). There were nights when I drank this and fell asleep quickly and then there were nights when I couldn't fall asleep at all. I do find it very calming and I enjoy the chamomile taste. I likely will not purchase it again.

Pukka Chamomile & Vanilla: I love this tea! I have been drinking this one the most because the chamomile and vanilla blend is delicious and smooth.  I also find it really soothes any upset stomach and calms me entirely. I will definitely pick up another box of this!

The Yogi Green Tea Goji Berry is delicious as well, I went through 3 boxes of it and will be picking up another box soon. I really like the Yogi tea brand of teas but find the selection limited here in Canada.  Sadly, I cannot seem to order them directly from Yogi either.  If anyone knows where I can find them or order them from in Canada, let me know please!

What I'm Drinking Today (or already drank)

PUKKA in my moustache mug, which I love. I woke up with a tummy ache and went for this one. I swear my tummy feels so much better.

Do you have any favourite teas?


  1. Well.ca has some Yogi teas. My favorite is their Classic India Spice. It's a little spicy, but if you aren't opposed to that, it's really tasty! I do wish we could get Yogi's whole line here though! I just looked at their website and they have a bunch of kinds I've never seen before that sound great!

  2. Ugh, if only Well.ca carried the WHOLE line dammit! lol. I've never tried the India Spice but I like Indian food and spicy anything so I will check it out next, thank you!


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