Monday, January 28, 2013

Nature's Gate Toothpaste Review

I long to find the best natural toothpaste for me. I originally fell in love with Kiss My Face and have repurchased many tubes of it, however, it's price forced me to look elsewhere. I stumbled across Nature's Gate Gel toothpaste at the supermarket, on sale, and couldn't resist picking it up.

Description: Brushing with our great tasting fluoride-free Cool Mint Gel Toothpaste helps reduce dental plaque build-up and brightens teeth while freshening breath and promoting oral health. Our unique formula contains an exclusive blend of 7 oral health botanicals to leave your mouth feeling minty clean and refreshed.

The Good:
  • gel texture - I hate cream/paste textured toothpastes, they're gross
  • minty fresh
  • fantastic price point
  • great size
  • light foaming action
The Bad:
  • contains glycerin
Verdict: I can honestly say that I enjoyed this toothpaste and didn't have any actual complaints. I was ready to repurchase over, and over again until Caitie, from Naturalla Beauty, did a post about a glycerin free toothpaste and mentioned a little about why glycerin is bad for our teeth. Being easily paranoid, I started researching for myself and decided that I'd like to cut it out from my toothpaste. All that being said, people have brushed their teeth with all sorts of things for hundreds of years and never had any problems. We make decisions based on what we think is best for us and if you decide that glycerin is fine, then you'll really enjoy Nature's Gate. It left my teeth cleaner, brighter, and breath fresher.

Retails for approx. $4.99 CAN and can be purchased at most health food and/or grocery stores.

What are your thoughts on glycerin in toothpaste?

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