Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Hugo Naturals Soap Mini Haul

I friggen ADORE Hugo's soaps so much.  I reviewed them last year in May and can honestly say that no soap even comes close to how amazing these are. They lather nicely, are creamy and hydrating, and come in so many delicious scents.  I picked up a few bars in the last couple of months because, well, I needed them. Honest! Why I needed this many, I don't know.

I currently only have these four bars on hand and one of them is now in my shower.

 Vanilla Peppermint and Sweet Eucalyptus were holiday scents and damn are they ever good! Their name describes exactly how they smell.  I haven't actually used either of them yet but I have no doubt they will be fantastic.

The one below, on the left, is White Chocolate Raspberry...what? YUM! Nom nom nom. Guys, it smells absolutely delicious. It's clearly the one that I put in my shower, after taking these pictures, and my entire bathroom smells of it. The scent lingers on the skin for a bit and it's as wonderful as the handcrafted soaps. I believe this is their Artisan soap and you purchase it by weight.  That chunk was just under $4 CAN and worth every damn penny! Then I have my Shea Butter & Oatmeal bar which is one of my faves because it's so hydrating and has the oatmeal for gentle exfoliation.

Have you tried these amazing soaps yet? If so, what's your favourite? If not, why the heck not!?!


  1. I totally know this is an old thread but I just bought the White Chocolate Raspberry Hugo soap cause it smells DELISH and I am trying to go all natural (switching over from Lush soaps). Yet the first time I used it I got a rash my legs and my hands turned really red and got all tight - allergic reaction I assume. Any idea what I might be allergic to in it? I have no idea what is in it but its like Russian roulette with me and body products it seems... I thought going all natural would be better but it appears not.

    1. boourns! That's so unfortunate that you reacted like that to it. It's really hard to tell what you could have reacted to. I'd compare the ingredients on that and Lush and see what isn't in the Lush one. Perhaps coconut or almond oil? Do you have any known allergies? I wish I could have been of more help :( xo


Thanks for the comment/feedback!

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