Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013 Empties!

Boy oh boy, do I ever love empties posts! I love reading them and I love writing them, mostly because I feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish a product. There's really no structure to this one, so lets just get started shall we.

Evanhealy Blue Chamomile Day Moisturizer - review here - My skin and I did not like this moisturizer. The smell was way too strong and lingered, and it made my skin breakout and caused little red bumps. I will not be purchasing the full size

Evanhealy Green Tea Clay - review here - This mask was great but basic, I have been making my own clay masks and will be adding matcha to them soon. I will not be purchasing the full size.

Cocoon Apothecary Ancient Mud Facial Mask - review here - This mask was really great for detoxifying but it's too intense for my sensitive skin. It was a fantastic spot treatment though! I will not be repurchasing.

Pure Potent WOW Aromatherapy Mister - review here - I love this stuff. It was great for mixing clay masks with, setting makeup, refresher, etc. I will be repurchasing soon.

Nature's Gate Cool Mint Gel Toothpaste - review here - I really liked this toothpaste because it was minty and gel textured. For now, I will try to find a glycerin free toothpaste, therefore, I will not be repurchasing.

Dr. Mist Spray Deodorant - review here - I finally finished my second bottle of this deodorant and it has been the most effective in keeping me dry and stink free. The only downside is that it can dry out my underarms. I can see myself repurchasing this at some point, but I'm trying a crystal stick right now.

Shea Terra Shea Butter Whipper in Rooibos & Berries - review here - I love the hydration that this butter gives but absolutely hate the scent. I will not be repurchasing.

Sukin Hydrating Body Lotion - review here - This was a great lotion for use when my skin was damp from a shower, but I didn't find it hydrating enough when applied to dry skin. I will not be repurchasing.

Shea Terra African Black Soap Bar - review here - I would say that this was more of an exfoliating bar and not practical for daily use, at least not in the colder months. I'd love to try other bar soap from Shea Terra but I will not be repurchasing the black soap bar.

Sante Naturkosmetik Pressed Powder - review here - I really did enjoy this powder at first but now I find it annoying. The compact is too big and heavy to keep in my purse (I did anyway, but it was heavy!), it didn't help with shine and I'm pretty dry, AND it cracked into a million pieces once I hit pan. I will definitely not be repurchasing.

Mary Ginseng House Lip Balm in Lime - review here - Wonderfully hydrating lip balm. My only issue is that it's too oily/creamy. By that I mean, when it's at room temperature it's like applying melted butter onto your lips. I guess that would be great for those of you who like that, but I found it annoying and can't even imagine what it would look like if I spent all day outside in the summer with it. I will not be repurchasing.

Antipodes Lime Leaf & Cocoa Butter Lip Balm - review here - I loved this lip balm so much. I never really got used to the dish soap taste but I did get over it. The thing that threw me off and turned me off was how bumpy and rough it got towards the end of it's life. I will not be repurchasing because Badger cocoa butter lip balms have replaced this, fingers crossed the same thing doesn't happen.

I always welcome replacement recommendations :)

What have you been able to get through this month?


  1. Great empties post! You should moisturise your underarms with Shea butter and coconut oil before you put on that Dr Mist deodorant, that should help your underarms not get so dry :)

    1. Thanks!
      I've actually tried that and found Dr Mist didn't work as well. Sometimes I add a tiny amount of coconut oil over top or use a more moisturizing deodorant. Xo

  2. Empties posts are some of my favourites too. Plus it's nice other bloggers appreciate how nice it feels to actually finish stuff one here (in person) seems to get how exciting it is! Haha :)

    1. It's so true! When I tell anyone that I've finished something, they're like "and?" Haha


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