Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lush Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon Review

If you've read the What's In My Toiletries and Makeup Bag post, you'll see that I bought and took a Lush Bubbleroon with me on my one night getawat.  I thought that since I had never tried any of Lush's bath stuff, I would take this opportunity to test it out.  I instantly fell in love with the scent of this Bubbleroon, omg delicious, and got it!

Description: Inspired by the unusual Japanese fruit the yuzu (kind of like a Satsuma orange), this Bubbleroon has a delectable orange chocolate fragrance, with exotic tropical undertones and an uplifting grapefruit top note. It makes mountains of fluffy white bubbles and the most sublimely soft bath water you’ve ever had. With Extra Virgin coconut oil and Fair Trade Shea Butter (like all of our Bubbleroons) Yuzo and Cocoa is the crème de la crème of chocolatey, moisturizing, and soothing baths.

I don't like orange chocolate scents, or chocolate scents to begin with, but this smells divine.  It's a sweet citrus scent and I don't really pick up on the chocolate aroma.  I followed the directions and crumbled it under running water, I used the whole thing since it was a big tub but I found the bubbles were lacking.  I like me some big bubbles with curves and all!  Like when you're a kid and the tub is all foamy and wonderful, that's what I wanted.  There weren't as many bubbles as I had hoped and they disappeared rather quickly.  Perhaps I didn't use it correctly or the tub was too big, I dunno but that was a huge disappointment for me.  It left the water a murky orange brown colour, which isn't a big deal to me but thought I'd share. I did, however, love the way it left my skin feeling and smelling.  It was hydrating without leaving a weird film and the scent lingered. Y'all know how I love scents!  If I were going to be taking another bath, which is not likely to happen anytime soon, I would try a different Lush Bubble Bar just because it's fun to experiment.  If you are at Lush and fall in love with the scent of this one, try it out and let me know your thoughts!

Retails for $6.25 CAN and can be bought at Lush.

What's your favourite Lush Bubble Bar?

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