Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Reveal My Stash #1 - Hair & Body Care

Since it's #NoBuyJanuary and I swore I wasn't a hoarder, I thought it was time to reveal or "expose" my stash. It may be a tad disappointing, so I apologize now. Some of these products haven't been reviewed or even tried yet and one was even purchased this month...dun dun dun. My "stash" will include all backups and whatnot.


*OM Organic Matter is a very gentle shampoo that I like to alternate with Deep Steep, which provides more of a "deep clean". By the way, the Deep Steep shampoo bottle drives me bonkers!! I dropped it the other day a bunch came spilling out since it's basically the consistency of water. ARG!! Anyway, that little bit of Alaffia was given to me from a friend's personal stash. She knows that I have a crazy scalp and a sensitivity to tea tree, so she gave me what was left in her bottle to try and see if it helps my dermatitis, without further irritating it.

*Graydon Hair Smoothie doesn't work for me as a conditioner and I hate the scent. I've been using and loving it as a shave cream though. 100% Pure Honey & Virgin Coconut Conditioner is a recent purchase, yesterday to be exact. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I've used up a bunch of oils that I was using in/on my hair. I don't normally use a conditioner and haven't for months now, but I want to grow out my hair and figured a deep conditioner might help. Sometimes, I don't feel like doing a full out oil mask and will go longer than I should without one. Therefore, this will be a huge help in making sure my hair gets the nourishment that it needs on really lazy days...or weeks..or get it.


As you can see, I'm almost out of my Deep Steep Body Wash. It is such a beautiful wash! I like to alternate between soap and body wash often, and currently have a tiny sliver of lavender soap (not pictured) in my shower. On a Branch Monday Morning Soap was a Christmas gift and will be opened very, very soon.

See, not exciting at all. I hate having too many things in my drawers and/or open at the same time. The fact that I even have 3 shampoos bottles in my shower right now, regardless of the reasons, drives me absolutely nuts. I hate clutter and waste, and often find myself reorganizing, repurposing, or giving away whatever I can (closet, cabinets, clothes, products, etc).

What do you think about my hair and body care stash?

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  1. It's a good stash! I don't have much hair and body care products either, I mean we don't need tons of different shampoos & body washes haha. I really want to try Deep Steep and 100%pure after #NoBuyJanuary :) xx

    1. Haha that's true, what we do need is lots of skin care! The 100% Pure conditioner smells amazing, oh man good enough to eat xo

  2. I'm the same with my hair and body care! I could probably fill cabinets up with skincare til the sun goes down, but when it comes to the shower it's a one out, one in affair

    Mayah x

    1. Same with me Mayah! I fill shelves and cabinets with my face and body products but only have one or two shampoos & conditioners and shower gels on the go at once! I really want to try Deep Steep I'm going to look out for it when I go to New York! x

    2. That's great to know ladies! I think I'm comparing what I have to Paula's (Naturally Paula) soap stash which is insane lol.

      Amber, you can get Deep Steep in the UK. Sugarpuffish is always stocking up.

      xo ladies

  3. I have to agree that having too much of some things makes me twitch! And I do mean everything, not only body/cosmetics lol! I love being able to finish a product and open a new one, it gives me an odd sense of accomplishment :)

    1. you understand me! Exactly, there's such an amazing feeling about finishing a product.xo


Thanks for the comment/feedback!

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