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aroma M Camellia Oils Review

In November, the lovely Maria McElroy from aroma M contacted me and asked if I would like to try her new Camellia oils for hair, face, and body/bath. Intrigued by the concept of the brand, I obviously said yes but had to decline the face oil as it contains argan. She was also kind enough to include a few samples of her perfume oils.
Maria is an artist on paper and at heart. After receiving her Masters of Fine Arts, she went on to become a Certified Aromatherapist. Spending seven years in Japan, her line is influenced by Japanese culture and aesthetics. "Blending fragrances in a bottle is like mixing colors on a palate," says Maria. "The scent becomes pigment, the body becomes the canvas. The nose responds to scent like the eye to color." The wording chosen to describe the comparison is so beautiful, don't you think?
Maria McElroy - Picture courtesy of aroma M
L to R: Camellia Hair Oil, Camellia Body/Bath Oil, Geisha Pink, Geisha Rouge, Geisha 

Description: Warm a dropper of oil into palms, apply from the end to the roots into wet or dry hair. For hair mask apply two droppers of oil into wet hair and leave in for 20 min. then shampoo out. 
Full size: $65 USD for 40ml.

This hair oil smells divine! Floral scents aren't my thing and I've never really liked them but, that must be changing because the scent of this makes me feel so sexy. I haven't tried it as a hair mask, however, it works great to smooth and moisturize my ends wet or dry. I only apply a drop or two and it doesn't weight down my hair at all. The scent lasts for hours! For those that can use argan oil on their skin, this would make an amazing all over perfume.

Ingredients: Organic Camellia Seed Oil, Organic Virgin Argan Oil, Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, Organic Rosemary Oil, Tuberose Oil. Size: 1.3 oz. /40 ml $65 USD

Description: To create a luxurious moisturizing bath add a tablespoon of this luscious oil to a cup of milk, and soak in it's near magical powers. This is the ideal liquid moisturizer for hydrating skin to create a luminous, complexion. Full size: $60 USD for 100 ml.

I'm sad to report that I hate the smell of this body oil. It's a little too "mature" for my liking, my grandma loved it if that tells you anything. I can't even tell you which notes stand out most as I haven't smelled them individually. Aside from the scent, the oil is really nice on the body. Moisturizes beautifully, yet soaks in with ease.

Ingredients: Organic Camellia Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, Organic Essential Oils of Jasmine, Neroli, Geranium, Frankincense and Moroccan Rose Oil.

Perfume Oils in Geisha Pink, Rouge & O-cha
All of the perfume oils below wear for several hours, at least 5. I`m sure it`ll differ from person to person though.

Geisha Pink: A shot of sugared plum, with fresh orange added for tang, and vanilla for seductive staying power. This is a young Eastern-accented scent, brimming with sophisticated sass.When to wear it? At the big Saturday Night date ... when you want to daydream ... whenever you want to ever so slightly misbehave. What will it do for your psyche? Sweeten it, re-charge it, speed it up

If you like super sweet scents, this is for you. Had I received this a few years ago, I would have been all over it, but it makes me a little sick with how sweet it is. At one point, there was no such thing as too sweet in my books! I also can't smell the vanilla in it, which is disappointing.

Geisha Rouge: Geisha Rouge is warm, beckoning, enticing. Its blend of tonka bean, tobacco and vanilla, combined with cinnamon, star of anise, clove, and sandalwood traditional Japanese incense ingredients--give it a mellow yet racy, smoky, appeal, not unlike that of a gentle, irresistible red flame. Here is one beautiful, feminine fragrance that is not based on flowers, but on seductive spices and woods that convey the meaning of vivacious sensuality held in check but barely so.

I've always loved the smell of tabacco and perfume, even though I never smoked. Don't ask. "Mellow yet racy, smoky appeal" describe it quite well. I love the scent in the bottle, but hate the way it smells on me. Enter broken heart.

Geisha O-cha: Tea ceremony. An everyday task becomes a meditation, a dance, a graceful art. Traditional Japanese green tea is the heart of this delicate, refreshing scent and it stays true, unlike some green tea-based scents that become too floral or too fruity as the day wears on. Transparently luminous like fine porcelain, Geisha O-cha roll-on is a long lasting light scent particularly perfect when worn on warm days. Spiked with the clean crisp flavors of green tea and the revitalizing notes of sweet orange, o-cha is mellowed and feminized with the addition of bois de rose of vanilla. This is a scent of vital serenity. Wear Geisha o-cha morning to twilight. O-cha’s harmonious essential oil blends will add sparkling warmth to your day, promote self-awareness, and balance your spirits.

This smells very similar to Geisha Pink but fresher, if that makes sense. Not for me.

In conclusion, this is a very fragrant line and those who are sensitive to scents should probably steer clear. While most of the products weren't a hit, due to their scents, there are people out there who I know would absolutely fall in love with these products. Scent is a very personal thing and so all I can say is, try some samples first.

Check out aroma M for more information on all of her products.

Are there any essential oils or products from aroma M that stand out to you? Have you tried any of the aroma M products?

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*All products mentioned were provided for review consideration. All opinions are my own.


  1. Sound so lovely! I stopped wearing mainstream perfume because I don't know what's in it. I'm still searching for a scent that I can identify with. May have to try these!

    1. Good for you Amber! It's so hard to give up mainstream perfumes because they smell so good. You may just have found the brand/scent for you! xo

  2. Thanks for the review! I was contacted as well by Maria. Too bad the scents were not your fav:-)

  3. These sound amazing, I love oil blends, and the descriptions of these are just divine :) x

    1. If the blends sound good to you, they're sure to impress. Let me know if you try them xo


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