Saturday, January 11, 2014

Faves Friday! - New Series

My attempt at doing a Faves Friday every Friday has already started off poorly. It's Saturday, as you all know, and that's that. I will be better prepared next week, promise!

Anyway, I will be doing a weekly faves in place of a monthly one because I was big time slacking on those. I also think it's easier to remember what I've been using and loving weekly vs. monthly. Every week I'll choose the top 3 products that I've been loving, excluding this post as I'm covering the last two weeks, and tell you why. Blah, blah, blah. Shall we just start now?

One Love Organics Vitamin B Active Moisture Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover - review here - This stuff is amazing! It removes makeup beautifully without drying out my skin AND having to do a double cleanse. 

Skin Essence Organics Nourish Moisturizer Serum - review here - I have mixed feelings on this product, but do find it moisturizes incredibly well. I've been loving it mixed with the next fave.

Tamanu Oil - review here - I'm almost running out of this bottle and will NEED to repurchase whether it's still #NoBuyJanuary or not because it's a staple for keeping my skin happy. Skin Essence mixed with this has been very nourishing, especially with the extreme weather killing my skin.

*Therapi Orange Blossom No. 3 Honey Moisturizer - review here - What a beautiful moisturizer! I have been using it morning and night for an extra moisture boost. It's great alone, when my skin isn't so dry, but has been working even better with oils underneath or mixed in. It creates a beautiful base for makeup and deeply nourishes at night. 

*Pure Anada Pressed Foundation in Very Fair - review here - This foundation is amazing. My cheeks have been tomato red and this works to cover that up without having to apply too much. I'll use this shade if I'm doing a full face of makeup and Light on "no makeup" days. Love applying it with the EcoTools bronzer brush.

*Sappho Concealer in Neutrality - review here - This neutral pinkish shade has been working well under my eyes. I finally gave up my favourite Origins concealer and while this isn't as good, it works. Neutrality makes me look more awake and polished.  I apply it with the Real Techniques domed shadow brush. Oh Sudz is on my radar though!

That's what I've been loving for the last 2 weeks. What have been some of your faves lately?
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  1. I love favourites posts, I am so excited you will be doing them weekly. I am loving the Therapi moisturisers I am using a couple and they are brilliant. I am so sad the Elizabeth Dehn for OLO isn't available here, I would love to try it Xx

    1. woohoo, I'm glad you're as excited about them as I am! You are the reason I'm trying Therapi. Such a gorgeous line of products, I wish they were readily available in Canada. If you really want Elizabeth Dehn for OLO, perhaps I can ship it to you :)

  2. Great post! I was just thinking the other day that I hadn't asked how you were getting on with the Skin Essence :)

  3. Nice post! I dont know Skin Essence brand. Interesting! Wicl check what they do offer :-)

    1. They're a Canadian company, let me know if you try them xo

  4. yay! Excited that you will be doing weekly favourite post, sometimes monthly is just too hard to narrow it down haha. I cannot wait until I try Elizabeth Dehn cleansing oil, I have been holding it back because I don't wear much make-up so not sure if it will be as beneficial for me. Thoughts? Although rinses off easy, everyone seems to be doing double-cleanse after.

    Mmh so so curious about Therapi moisturizer!!!! I have been obsessed with anything honey-related!!!! Also just wondering, what's your skin type? Been looking for a mineral foundation but my skin is normal to dry (loose or pressed, doesn't matter) since you seem to enjoy the Pure Ananda one. Which other ones have you tried?

    1. exactly! We use too many products throughout an entire month, how do we decide which we like best!?

      I think the cleansing oil will be fine even if you don't wear makeup. It'll clean the day away, including the moisturizer and SPF you put on in the morning.

      I didn't think Therapi would be as amazing as Ana made it seem, but damn it's impressive! My skin type is combination/dry right now. More dry with the crazy weather we've been having. I've tried the Pure Anada loose foundation (didn't like), Alima Pure (loved), and Priori Coffeeberry minerals (didn't like). Haven't played too much with mineral foundations because they last forever and I stick to finishing one before getting another. Pure Anada Pressed is my fave because it doesn't make my dry patches too noticeable and it can be applied as light, medium or full coverage. xo

  5. Great idea for a post, Nicole! I love weekly favourite posts & started with what I've been using up type posts for #nobuyjan - although I'm slightly worried that it might be the same products each week lol. Like the look of Pure Anada's pressed powder, wondering how it'd work as a finishing powder over concealer? ox

  6. What I've been using up is brilliant and even if it is the same products, that just means it's truly a monthly favourite lol. It's fantastic as a setting powder. Even if I use just concealer or liquid foundation, I'll use Pure Anada over top. xo


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