Friday, January 24, 2014

#NoBuyJanuary Update + Faves Friday

Friday? So soon? Not that I'm complaining or anything but damn, where are the days going? This week has been an interesting one for two main reasons. 1. I ran out of tamanu oil, sad truth. 2. I discovered that The All Natural Face cream blushes are breaking me out. Well, with daily use they give me little bumps and the odd cystic pimple. I've suspected that since I got them, but recently did an actual experiment. I wore TANF for a week (got bumps and pimples), then nothing at all (cleared up), and W3LL People this week (no bumps or pimples). Could be a weird coincidence, so I'm going to do another experiment. 
Anyway, #NoBuyJanuary has been alright. This week I picked up a brand new bottle of Alaffia Scalp Recovery Shampoo, which was featured in last week's faves. When I ran out of that sample, I used the Deep Steep shampoo and my scalp went insane. It's an amazing feeling to have a semi-normal scalp now. Temptation kicked in for items that aren't a necessity right now, like makeup, but I stayed strong! That's it.
Faves Friday time! This week I've been loving...
W3LL People Multi-Use Colour Stick in #8 Matte Creamy Peony - I got this as a sample from a Fresh Faced order, months and months ago. It is such a gorgeous shade and pairs beautifully with my beloved Pure and Simple Blush in Glow. I'm totally picking up the full size as soon as #NoBuyJanuary is over.
*SBT Soothing Salve for Eczema/Dermatitis - review here - It's been very cold and I've been washing my hands like a champ. Whether I use cold, warm, or hot water with soap or no soap, the eczema on my fingers has been brutal. For the past couple of days, I've been using this salve. I kid you not, the eczema is almost gone. My problem is being consistent with applying it, especially when I'm at work and need to wash my hands in between clients. Either way, I love this stuff.
*SBT Seabuckthorn Seed Oil - review here and here - Since running out of tamanu oil (which had SBT seed and fruit oil mixed in), I've been using this as a spot treatment and mixed with other oils all over my face. I just love it. Definitely an oil I can't be without. 
Have you tried any of these products? What have you been reaching for this week?
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  1. You and I are becoming more alike every day!! Twin dogs, dermatitis, skin that doesn't like argan. LOL. The ANF cream blushes make my SD flare up, so I'm not surprised they're breaking you out. I saw on your other post that your hair likes argan, but not your skin. The main oils are jojoba and argan. I really wish I could still wear them because they're so pretty and affordable. And yay for Sea Buckthorn Oil!!!

    1. haha we really are eh? I didn't know that your skin didn't like argan either! I should just buy whatever you're using because your skin has been looking incredible! I knew there was argan in them, but wanted to ignore it lol. We can be bummed out, although now I have an excuse to splurge on the W3LL People blush :p. Have you tried tamanu yet? Sea Buckthorn and tamanu work wonders for my skin. xo

  2. I have SBT on my hit list as an oil I want to buy soon! heard great things about it and this post has just solidified my resolve ;-)
    Great post and well done for staying strong in #NoBuyJanuary
    Rach xx

    1. I haven't heard one negative thing about SBT oil, you'll adore it as much as everyone else. Thanks beautiful xo

  3. Love reading your blog! :)
    I live in T.O. and just wondering where you purchased the Alaffia Scalp Recovery Shampoo, for the life of me I cannot find it anymore :(

  4. Love reading your blog!:)
    I live in T.O. and I was just wondering where you purchased the Alaffia Scalp Recovery Shampoo, for the life of me I cannot find it anymore :(

    1. thank you so much xo. I bought mine from but, I've also seen it at The Big Carrot and Whole Foods. Hope that helps


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