Friday, November 01, 2013

October 2013 Empties!

I love this time of the month. It's a time of unloading and letting go of trash. I finished up a bunch of stuff this month, so grab a cup of something and a snack as this is going to be rather lengthy.

In no particular order....


*Delizioso Passion Fruit Organic Body Oil - review here - This was an absolutely lovely body oil. Very nourishing and moisturizing, and absorbed into the skin easily. Took it on vacation and my skin drank it up! I would definitely repurchase, just not in this scent or right now.

Badger Aloe SPF 15 Sunscreen - review here - This little bottle came in handy for reapplying on the beach and was great for travelling with as it never leaked. I loved the hydrating ingredients, but didn't enjoy the white cast that it left behind. Won't be repurchasing this particular one.

DeVita SPF 30 Body Block - review here - For the price, this was a fantastic sized sunscreen. I liked that it didn't smell weird (or have the "unscented" scent) and absorbed for the most part. My biggest issue was that it flaked/balled/pilled within a couple of hours. For that reason, I don't think I will be repurchasing.

Weleda Baby Calendula Face Cream - review here - Favourite cream ever. Already repurchased.

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Cocktail Body Wash (sample) - no review - Smelled great but it left my skin feeling a bit dry, too much foaming action perhaps. I also wasn't too fond of the ingredients. Won't be purchasing the full size.

Consonant Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream for Dry Skin (sample) - Super moisturizing for sure. My skin soaked it up and it worked great under makeup. Debating on picking up the full size.

Consonant Moisturizing Face Cream (sample) - Wasn't moisturizing enough for my parched skin. Won't be purchasing the full size.

Consonant Citrus Bergamot Organic Body Lotion (sample) - Lovely scent but wasn't moisturizing enough for my parched skin. Won't be purchasing the full size.

Dr. Mist Unscented Spray Deo (sample) - review here - Great for travelling with, but too drying for the colder months. I also finished up a full size, which you'll see below.

Weleda Pomegranate Body Oil (sample) - review here - Loved this oil so much and have gone through a few bottles. Will likely purchase the full size again at some point but, I'd like to try other body oils.

*SBT Seabuckthorn Hand, Skin, Berry, Day, & Night Cream - review here - My absolutely favourite was the day cream. I found it to be the only one hydrating/moisturizing enough for my skin. Debating on purchasing the full size.

Badger Highland Mint Lip & Body Balm - review here - I ended up using this as a foot balm and it worked great! It lasted me several months, a little goes a long way, and the minty scent is refreshing. I have a few balms to use up, so I won't be repurchasing right now.

Earth Lilly Moroccan Rhassoul Clay Scalp & Hair Wash - no review - I have a love/hate relationship with this product. It helped soothe my itchy scalp dermatitis, but left my hair feeling gritty and greasy. My first bottle developed a weird smell, which Earth Lilly was quick to replace. The replacement bottle never set foot in the shower, yet developed the same scent (think vomit). I don't think the product lasts long after being opened, which is disappointing because it's about $20 CAN for a small bottle. You have to use quite a bit and the effort is just too much for me to keep up with. Will not be repurchasing.

Diva Wash - review here - Was great for washing my Diva Cup, face, body, etc. I've started using Dr. Bronner's for my Diva Cup, therefore, I won't be repurchasing.

Dr. Mist - review here - Works well but dries out my underarms in the colder months. Won't be repurchasing right now.

Hugo Naturals Sweet Eucalyptus - review here - I have loved these soaps for years, but this scent just didn't do it for me and I found the soap a little too slimy. Perhaps my love for Hugo is dwindling after trying out some amazing Canadian brands. Won't be repurchasing.

PF Fake Out Mascara - review here - Loved this mascara but, this tube dried out within about a month and a half, which is sad. Unless I find this on sale, I'm going to try some other mascaras.

Alima Pura Satin Matte Foundation in Warm 2 - review here - I really loved this foundation even though the colour match wasn't perfect. It's lasted me a year and a half or so, and  it was great value for money. I've since discovered my love for liquid foundations and the beautyblender. Won't be repurchasing right now.

Pukka Relax Tea, Pukka Chamomile & Vanilla Tea, & Pukka Three Variety Pack - no review - I love tea soooo much and these Pukka ones are my faves. I'm making it my mission to try as many as possible. Relax contains fennel and marshmallow root which are really great for the digestive system and (marshmallow in particular) for rebuilding the intestinal walls. I notice such a difference when I drink this tea; belly soothing, no bloating, and better digestion if you will. Chamomile & Vanilla is also very soothing and tastes delicious. I've gone through several boxes of this stuff. Three Variety Pack contained five different types of tea; Three Mint, Three Fennel, Three Green, Three Ginger, and Three Tulsi. The fennel and tulsi ones were hard to drink, they didn't taste that great (to me). I've repurchased Relax and Three Green, but will definitely pick up CV again.

Organic Pumpkin Seed Butter - no review - This was surprisingly delicious and I enjoyed it on toast and in raw protein bars I made (recipe to day lol). Would repurchase, just not right now.

Freshly Ground Peanut Butter - no review - PB is one of my favourite things ever and freshly ground PB is just phenomenal. I tried making the raw protein bars with this, just to see how it tasted, and there were mixed reviews. See why I don't want to put up a recipe? I want to master it first :P. Would repurchase, just not right now.

New Chapter Probiotic - no review - I take probiotics daily and enjoy rotating brands. This one is less expensive than Udo's and works well. Will repurchase, but currently using Udo's.

Ruth's Chia Goodness in Chocolate - no review - SO GOOD!!! I mix this in everything; oatmeal, yogurt, ice cream (dairy free or not), baked goods, smoothies, etc. It contains chia, hemp, and buckwheat which makes it a powerhouse source of nutrients. I always have a backup, which means that I've already repurchased.

Pangea Japanese Matcha Mask - review here - I purchased this mask on sale and it was well worth it. It's lasted a long while and I found it to actually brighten up my skin. After 5 months of use, I'm ready to try something new. Won't be repurchasing.

*Corpa Flora Beaute Divine Oil Cleanser  - review here - Just wrote the review, love it. I still have another 30ml bottle.

*Olie Biologique 006 Calming Oil - review here - This is a strongly chamomile scented oil that really did help to calm the skin. It absorbed beautifully and reduced redness within minutes. I enjoyed mixing it into clay masks for the extra soothing properties. Won't be repurchasing right now.

Zuzu Luxe Brow Pencil in Russet - review here - I honestly didn't think this pencil was going to last as long as it did. It's the perfect shade match for my brows and lasts all day. Already repurchased.

I'm tossing these three products and here's why..

The All Natural Face "Magic" Eye Primer - review here - It didn't work for me and it seems it might be getting old as there are oil bits separating in the tube.

TANF Vegan Eye Shadow Primer in Buff  - review here - Worked even less than the "magic" primer and I can't even use it as a concealer because it's too cakey.

Dr. Alkaitis Eye Creme - review here - Really enjoyed this eye creme. I thought I lost it, but recently found it again and it smells weird. Probably went bad.

Phew, I'm done! I managed to use up a lot of stuff this month, proud moment for me. Let me know in the comments below what you finished up or link to your blog post/YT video :)
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  1. I love seeing non-beauty empties too - I'm such a tea addict too :) The Weleda Pomegranate body oil sounds amazing, definitely on my wish list :) x

  2. Wow so much stuff! Does that clay shampoo by chance contain papaya? Because to me papaya has a very similar smell to stomach acid.

    1. It doesn't contain papaya AND it didn't smell awful when I first opened it. So weird. xo

  3. Yet again you managed to finish an amazing amount of products, feel like I need to rub myself with a little bit of everything I have to catch up :) I hear you on the three tulsi tea, I have a box of it which has now been designated for some super adventurous guests, it's just not nice

    1. haha I've had many of those products for so long and then I made it my mission to finish the little left in each. :P. ha ha @ designated for some super adventurous guests. Gotta agree, it isn't nice at all. xo

  4. Yo've been good! You finished so many products :) Yesterday i ordered some tea from iherb and now i'm so happy i didn't buy tulsi tea hehe :) I never drink it, what does it taste like? :) xx

    1. Thanks :). It tastes awful, like a kick in the throat really lol. I don't know how else to explain it. xo

  5. TAFN eye primers have disappointed me as well. I was deliberating tossing my tube of the "magic" eye primer. Not magic at all. The one for oily lids is an utter joke. My shadow was sliding off as I was applying it!

    1. YES! SO glad someone agrees with me. The one for oily lids creased the second I applied it, so ridic. Toss it girl! xo

  6. So many empties! I'm debating tossing my ANF primer too. It works ok for me, but I have ones I like better, so I just never reach for it! Possible decluttering ahead, lol :)

    1. I know, it's embarrassing. Toss it and do a decluttering post? lol xo


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