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Odacité 10 Day Treatment Set Review

I've heard about and been following Odacité on Twitter for a while now. I was thrilled when they asked if I wanted to try their *10 Day Treatment Set, obviously I said yes. An aesthetician contacted me with several questions to determine my skin type, conditions, and needs and then picked one of the three sets that best fit.

Set for combination skin

Odacité is a FRESH, high end and quality skin care line created by Valérie Grandury. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she decided to completely "detox" her life and focus on the healing properties that nature has to offer. She took on a raw food diet and the motto, "It all lies in the freshness of the raw ingredients," which she also applied to her skin care line. Valérie only sources the best organic ingredients and ensures they are used within a certain amount of time to reap the full benefits of each one (See Freshiency Date). An age-defying line that has been loved and accepted by many.

Description: Time to treat your skin. Odacite designed a kit specially for combination skin including 7 products enough for 10 days. All products are freshly made with certified organic ingredients. It includes a cleanser + 2 facial sponges, one toner, one day moisturizer, one night serum, an exfoliant, one hydrating mask and an eye cream. Retails for $29 USD.

Rejuvenating Cleanser: Organic plant extracts, fresh Aloe Vera, cold-pressed oils and floral water make this gentle water-soluble creme cleanser a completely pure healing product. Gentle Coco Glucoside removes surface impuritieswithout disturbing the skin's delicate moisture and oil balance. Tamanu oil from the rainforest of Madagascar aids in the elimination of waste material and toxins from the capillaries. 
Retails for $40 USD for 120 ml/4 oz. Click here for full ingredient list.

This cleanser left my skin feeling super soft and glowy. I also loved that there was no real scent to it, making it ideal for those who are easily offended/irritated. Since it's a milky consistency, I felt like I needed to use a lot more cleanser than usual. It definitely didn't remove makeup all that well either. This would be a great morning or second cleanse, and great for those who don't wear makeup.

Divine Rose & Neroli Balancing Toner Mist: Quickly & effectively balance skin, minimizes the appearance of pores & revitalize overall complexion. Skin instantly feels fresher, looks clearer and radiates a healthy glow. Rose water is known for its sebum-balancing properties. Fresh aloe vera juice keeps skin moist and heals skin from environmental aggressors. Aspen bark extracts work as a potent astringent, helping to minimize pores. 
Retails for $45 USD for 120 ml/4 oz. Click here for full ingredient list.

I saw rose and was automatically turned off but, the scent is so mild and enjoyable! This toner left my skin soft, supple, and balanced. Nothing else to say about it...:)

Jojoba Beads Exfoliant: Remove dead skin & encourage cell renewal. After one application, experience soft & healthier skin. Jojoba Beads are made from 100% pure, natural Jojoba wax, which have no sharp edges. They are superior to other exfoliating agents because they do not leave micro-lacerations. These microscopic cuts could result in premature wrinkles and provide an entrance for bacteria into the skin's surface. GLUTEN FREE. 
Retails for $45 USD for 50 ml/1.7 oz. Click here for full ingredient list.

I should really stop judging products before trying them. I expected this to not exfoliate well, mainly because I prefer chemical exfoliants and find jojoba beads too gentle sometimes. Boy was I wrong! This exfoliant is gentle but extremely effective. It gave me a fantastic exfoliation without irritating it, leaving my skin soft and radiant. Love, love, love!

Deep Hydration Mask: Bring instant rejuvenation to your skin. After just one application see younger, healthier & hydrated skin. Organic Olive and Jojoba oils replace the moisture and elasticity lost due to environment damage. Organic Calendula stimulates microcirculation. Potent antioxidants of natural Vitamin E and organic tea extracts fight free radicals. Natural anti-inflammatory agents of lavender soothe. Hyaluronic Acid plumps fine lines & wrinkles. GLUTEN FREE. 
Retails for $50 USD for 50 ml/1.7 oz. Click here for full ingredient list.

I had really high hopes for this mask and ended up being disappointed. There was a lot of separation between the cream and oils in this mask, even after shaking, and felt like I was rubbing oily wax on my face. I know, I know my explanations are great. Anyway, it just didn't leave my skin as hydrated as I would have liked and left a weird residue. I still have some left though, so I'll update you in an empties.

Beautiful Day Moisturizer:  Healthy, glowing skin that lasts all day. Contains a blend of fresh, organic ingredients that target environmental aggressors to protect and restore softness and elasticity. Pure organic virgin coconut oil boosts skin hydration by locking in moisture. Organic Aloe heals and hydrates. Organic tea extracts act as powerful antioxidants to reverse signs of aging. Organic Jojoba Oil strengthens the skin’s natural moisturizing system. MSM stimulates collagen synthesis, DMAE visibly firms the skin. Long-term use has been clinically proven to greatly decrease the appearance of loose and sagging skin. GLUTEN FREE.
Retails for $75 USD for 60 ml/ 2 oz. Click here for full ingredient list.

When my skin cooperated and had no dry patches, this moisturizer was enough. However, on days when I felt dry or had any dry patches, I definitely needed to use an oil first. It soaks into the skin quickly, never leaving it looking or feeling greasy. Great base for makeup.

Night Time Antioxidants Repair Serum: Skin is deeply nourished & replenished. High concentrations of fresh and clinically proven anti-aging ingredients fight free radical damage toreverse signs of aging while you sleep. Maximizes skin’s natural night repair cycle by allowing you skin to breath. High levels of Tocopherol (natural vitamin E) promotes healing. MSM stimulates collagen synthesis. Hyaluronic Acid plumps fine lines and wrinkles. GLUTEN FREE.
Retails for $120 USD for 60 ml/2 oz. Click here for full ingredient list.

This was my favourite product of the set. It hydrated, plumped, restored, nourished and anything else good that you can think of. My skin loved it and it really did make a difference in the moisture level of my skin. Sometimes I would even use it during the day if my skin was REALLY dry (for whatever reason), and it transformed it.

Ultra Effective Eye Cream: Significantly reduces the depth of wrinkles. Formulated with organic blue green algae tostimulate cell vitality and the renewal of the firming tissues. Organic pomegranate extract contains powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals and help tocounter the aging effects of overexposure to the sun. Tocopherol restores youthful elasticity. Hyaluronic Acid plumps fine lines and wrinkles. GLUTEN FREE.
Retails for $95 USD for 30 ml/.5 oz. Click here for full ingredient list.

This was a fantastic eye cream, it really performed. A little goes a long way and it left my under eyes feeling hydrated and worked well under concealer. As it got colder, I didn't find it was enough for my dry eyes..which hurt my heart.

Conclusion: I love that this line doesn't contain any harsh or strong fragrances/essential oils, for several reasons. Obviously with sample sized products it's hard to notice any anti-aging benefits (softened lines, faded marks, etc) because they only last for a short period of time. None of these products broke me out or irritated my skin and I really loved the toner, exfoliant and night serum. Sadly, it's a line that's currently out of my budget and therefore I will not be picking up full sizes. I highly recommend the set if you're interested in seeing how they react with your skin prior to purchasing full sizes or just to try them in general.

You can purchase the set through Odacité or any of their retailers.

Have you ever tried this brand?

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  1. Super nice review! Odacite is one of the brand that was on my radar...although I knew products are quite pricy!

    1. Thank you! Their sample set would be great. If you fall in love, you can invest in a product or two, if not then at least you know :) xo


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