Friday, August 02, 2013

July 2013 Empties!

Ahh empties, the time of the month where I can finally throw away all of my trash and begin a new collection of garbage (literally). Without further ado, here's my trash for the month!

Dr. Bronner's Shikakai Lavender Soap - review here - Lovely hand soap and lovely scent, lasted forever, but irritated my small patch of eczema on my hands. Won't be repurchasing.

Dr. Bronner's Liquid Castile Soap in Unscented/Baby - review here - I really love this liquid soap because of it's multi use ability. The unscented was purchased to use as a body wash and it was great, however, I really love the peppermint and eucalyptus scents much more. Will repurchase, just not in unscented.

All Things Herbal Naturally Irish Soap in Dublin Mint - no review -  I received this in my March Seasons Box and while I loved the refreshing mint scent, I hated how slimy and slippery it felt in the shower *cringes*.

Naked Organix Tamanu Bar - review here - I went through this bar very quickly but loved how it helped keep my chest, back and shoulder breakouts at bay. Will definitely repurchase once I use up some other soap.

Coconut Oil - no review - Don't worry, I removed that little chunk at the bottom there. I adore coconut oil and have been eating it more than I have been using it for skin care. I will be repurchasing!

White (Kaolin) Clay - no review - I love white clay for my sensitive skin and generally mix it with green for a super detoxifying face mask. Will be repurchasing.

Earthpaste Lemon Twist Toothpaste - review here -  I had the peppermint flavour in my last empties, but I had actually finished it up at the beginning of June. So really, these tubes last me about 2 months. Redmond actually sent me all of the flavours, except peppermint because I purchased that myself, to try. This works just as well as the peppermint, but I hate the flavour. I'm such a boring person and just love the traditional mint/wintergreen/peppermint/anything minty toothpaste over any other flavours. This would be ideal for adventurous people, lemon lovers and kids because it literally tastes like lemon meringue. For the record, I don't like lemon meringue pie...fully aware that I suck :P.

Dr. Alkaitis Nourishing Treatment Oil - review here - I've grown to love this oil more and more. The smell is so intoxicating and I LOVE applying it after a shower. It's beyond luxurious and really keeps my skin soft. It's super expensive but I think I might treat myself one of these days.

Dr. Alkaitis Purifying Facial Cleanser - review here - Hated this cleanser. It irritated my skin and, in an attempt to not throw it out, I used it to wash my feet. Will not be purchasing.

New Roots Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil - review here - Love sea buckthorn oil, hated the bottle that the New Roots one came in because it wouldn't close properly. The bottle above is a bottle that I purchased to put it in. I've been sent SBT Seabuckthorn Seed Oil and am now using that. Won't repurchase New Roots.

One Love Organics Easy Does it, Morning Glory & Brand New Day -  Review here - Really enjoyed this set and would consider purchasing the cleanser and Morning Glory serum since they work super well together.

Elabloom Facial Oil Sample - no review - This was a tiny sample, only had enough for a few days. It, sadly, contains Argan oil which gives me little red bumps all over my face. Won't be purchasing the full size.

Badger Balm Cocoa Butter Lip Balm in Mocha - review here - This balm took me forever to finish up! I'm officially sick of the scent but love how well it works at hydrating my lips. I have two other flavours on the go right now. One thing I have noticed, about cocoa butter lip balms in general, is that they get rough when they're in hot/cold temperatures. I guess the melting and cooling affects the texture, which sucks.

Simply Natural Chamilla Lip Balm - review here - Really didn't enjoy this balm due to the scent and it's ineffectiveness at keeping my lips hydrated. Won't be purchasing.

Cheeky Cosmetics Blush Samples in Cheeky & Flirt - review here - I found these to be a little too bright and sparkly for my liking. Won't be purchasing full sizes.

Tarte Eye Primer Sample - no review - Adored this eye primer because it actually worked at making my shadows more vibrant and last. I'm considering a full size even though it's not all that natural.

MegaFood Blood Builder Supplement - no review -  I have low iron, not super low but still low, and must take a supplement. I love that this is a whole food source which means it's easily absorbed by the body. It also doesn't constipate me. On top of containing iron, it also contains vitamin C, B12 and folate. Has it helped my iron levels? I'll let you know after I get blood work done. I've already repurchased in the meantime.

Tossing Out

Pure+Simple Oily/Impure Sunscreen - review here - I can't stand this stuff. I applied it on my body, before heading to the pool, and I literally looked like Casper. I didn't burn, but I also didn't get a tan. Throwing it out!

Inika Foundation in Beige Sample - this is too dark and fragrance for me. Even with a tan, it just doesn't match. Even if it did, the scent is such a turn off. Tossing.

Jane Iredale Disappear Concealer - review here - I used up most of this and I'm pretty sure there's only a little left, but it's just not working for me. It rubs off and creates, what looks like, dry patches. In the bin it goes!

Phew, done. Before starting new products, I really like to finish up samples or things that are already open. I try not to throw out or waste product unless absolutely necessary (ex. can't make it work at all or not suitable for anyone I know).

What have you finished up this month?



  1. I am with you on the whole trying to make a product work, but sometimes they just have to go. Also with the toothpaste really mint is the best, why mess around with a good thing?! :)

    1. Sadly, it's true. Can't force something to work. Right?! Mint all the way!

  2. 2 months worth of stuff.

    You made it though a lot for one month! I like my unscented Dr. Bronner's but you see I add my essential oils to it to jazz it up ;)

    1. Woow, so did you! In two months, but still :p. That's actually a great idea! Jazz up unscented with EO. I did that with my unscented shampoo.

  3. I've been looking for a new eye primer. Glad to hear good things about the Tarte one!
    The Grass Skirt

    1. It's great! Worth checking out either via a sample or full size. Let me know if you try it :)

  4. What's this--mocha flavored lip balm? Say no more! :P

    I've never tried the Dr. Bronner's soap but I've heard you can make some nice scented bodywash with it as a base, so I might try that at some point.

    I like how you phrase it--collecting garbage--that's how I feel too! But having a bin for my empties also means I remember to take them out to the kitchen and properly sort them into the recycling, so there's that.

    1. Lol a mocha lover eh? It's mocha chocolate if that changes anything :p

      Omg you've never tried Dr. Bronner's?!?! You must! It is a good base if you enjoy making your own scents, but they have some wonderful ones already.

      You got a good system :)

  5. I've been curious about the lemon Earthpaste, but I tend to prefer traditional toothpaste flavors too. Even so, I'm sure I'll give in and try it one of these days!

    It makes me sad every time you mention that argan oil gives you bumps, lol. It's one of my favorites. Are you okay with it on your body/hair or not at all?

    1. Let me know whatcha think when you try it. I know you enjoy the Wintergreen flavour, gotta admit it's pretty darn good!

      Aww I'm sorry :(. I've been using the Lina Hanson body serum on my arms, shoulds and chest and have noticed little bumps starting. I've stopped using it (which hurts my heart) to see if the bumps go away. We'll see! I can use it on the ends of my hair though :)

  6. I'm about to be finishing up my bottle of Dr. Bronners castile soap, but in the Hemp Rose scent. Definitely not a fan... I much prefer the peppermint or lavender but it is a great soap overall. Also MegaFood is a great brand. The Women's multivitamin is awesome I have so much energy and just feel better overall when taking those. You should give those a shot sometime!

    1. Another Dr. Bronner's lover! What I love about them most is that if you don't like the scent, you can use it to clean the house. The MegaFood brand multi is absolutely fantastic! I've gone through a couple of bottles, but they're so expensive, I try to snag em up when they're on sale. xo

  7. Another great, fun, and brutally honest post. For some reason I can't bring myself to speak badly about a product. If I don't like it, I won't post it. These natural companies work hard to gain footing in a tough market. I don't know...It's just me ;-)
    Meanwhile, I appreciate knowing what works for you and what doesn't. And I totally love your no-waste, eco-friendly posts :-) xoxo

    1. I feel it's important to be honest, regardless of whether it's a positive or negative review, because people look for products to try based on those reviews (whether they get their information from blogger or review sites). Not every product will work for every individual and I find it quite annoying to read nothing but rave reviews only to purchase something that totally doesn't live up to the hype or doesn't work like the reviews claimed. At least if there are negative reviews, individuals can make an informed decision when purchasing and have a realistic expectation of the product. Plus, perhaps the negative (or constructive) feedback can be used by companies to better their products. That all sounded like I was upset, but I'm not lol. Promise. Just felt the need to explain why I include negative reviews on my blog.
      Thanks again for commenting and reading darling! xo


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