Friday, August 23, 2013

Ground Soap "Lemme Bee Your Honey" & "Backbone" Review

Back in April, when I attended the Green Living Show, I was eager to find the Ground Soap booth. After walking around the entire show, and not finding it, I decided to give up and just head out. Seeing how disappointed I was, my boyfriend convinced me to ask the guy at the front doors where the booth was. So glad I did, because I found it!

I was instantly greeted by Angela Youngs, soapmaker and owner. She's a passionate individual, loaded with information on ingredients. She shared her struggles with making soap and how it took several batches of trial and error to finally perfect her recipes. She admitted to wanting to give up, and how her husband convinced her not to. Good job hubby! My boyfriend and I had so much fun talking with her, learning, listening, and buying soap! All of her ingredients are organic and wildcrafted, contain no parabens or synthetic scents and dyes, and it's bidegradable which means our planet will be happy even when you bathe in your cottage lake. Her packaging is also very environmentally friendly AND visually appealing. Each bar is wrapped in reusable fabric. I asked her why fabric? She said because she wanted it to look different than other soap, keep the planet happy, all while still keeping the bar itself from getting touched. Funny enough, I didn't realize how many people hated having their soap touched by random people, until I worked at Lush. Angela kindly gave me two bars for the price of one, so I got Lemme Bee Your Honey and Backbone.

Description: You'll want to take a bite of this one. Oatmeal offers exfoliating and soothing properties and is also a natural skin toner while generous portions of honey and shea butter lather and moisturize. Both men and women love this soap for shaving because it softens stubble and leaves skin smooth and clean. Honey is also known to be an ancient remedy for the treatment of infected wounds. Serious skin affection!

I love soap and am constantly on the look out for new companies (especially Canadian) to try. What sold me on this bar was the fantastic ingredients + the fact that it's their top seller. It's combination of butters, honey, and oats made my skin sing before even trying it. It has a mild citrus scent that is in no way overwhelming and definitely doesn't linger, perfect for you scent sensitive individuals out there. It's also great for those who aren't big citrus lovers, such as myself.  In order to prolong the use of each bar, I cut mine in half and it's (one half) literally lasted me longer than any other soap I've used. On to's such a pleasure to use! It doesn't hydrate as well as I expected, but it definitely doesn't leave me feeling dry or itchy. The only thing that I don't like is the oatmeal chunks. I have to really wet the bar before using it, otherwise they can be a tad abrasive, especially when washing sensitive areas. It's not that big a deal, just thought I'd throw it out there. I haven't tried it as a shave bar yet, but I will give it a go one of these days and report back on an empties post.

Next up? Backbone!

Description: Packed full of life, the soothing spice oils of cinnamon and clove create a warm sensation on the skin. There's tons of stuff on the go with this bar. It's made with antibacterial, antimicrobial and stimulation ingredients that work together to scrub, detoxify and uplift while moisturizing with the rich butters of shea and orange. Cinnamon is also an aphrodisiac.......Besides being a great body bar - it smells yummy in the kitchen alongside the sink.

I was instantly drawn to the beautiful cinnamon and clove combination that intoxicated my nose when I first sniffed it. It's absolutely intoxicating, yet the scent doesn't linger on the body for long. Which is cool with me! The Annatto seeds (I think) are what causes the sand like exfoliating texture that just gives me a really good scrub. The trick to using this bar, in order to not feel like your skin's getting scratched, is to hold it lightly against your body and rub in circular motions. I love how it warms and tingles my body every time I use it, definitely gets my circulation going! Literally, it feels like the blood is happily circulating. What did you think I meant?! Naughty, naughty. For someone prone to back, check and shoulder breakouts, I love that this keeps it all under control with it's detoxifying clay and bacteria killing essential oils. Out of the two bars, this is my absolute favourite and very likely repurchase (if I can physically get my hands on it).

I wish more health food stores and online shops would start selling these bad boys, they're amazing and well worth the price.

Retails for approx. $8 CAN a bar. Go to Ground Soap to find a list of retailers in Canada, USA, and Europe.

Which Ground Soap scent tickles your fancy most?

This is how thick the soap bar is, it's massive!



  1. These look amazing! Cinnamon and clove sounds like the perfect patch, I bet the scent is incredible! :) x

  2. Ground Soap are a new favorite of mine too! Found them while scouring the shelves for bar soaps without palm oil. I think Body Breath, which is all lovely and minty, has been my favorite so far :)

    1. ohhh, where do you buy yours!? Will definitely give Body Breath a go next time! xo


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