Friday, April 05, 2013

What's In My Toiletries & Makeup Bag?

I'm going to the cottage, this weekend, for one of my best friend's birthdays and thought it would be fun to show you what I'm taking with me. I haven't done a post like this since October and most of the products have changed, except for the actual toiletries bag. It may seem a tad excessive, or maybe not, but I have reasons for my madness.

Cleanse: I'm taking my Pangea cleanser because I used up everything else and this removes makeup beautifully. It also doesn't dry out or irritate my skin.

Tone: Dream Organics Rose Water is coming with me because it's gentle and I can use it to set my makeup or remove excess cleanser, makeup and dirt.

Moisturize: I honestly cannot live without my tamanu, seabuckthorn and Weleda calendula face cream. I kept asking myself, "do I really need all 3 of these?". Yes I do! They keep my skin happy. I'm also taking the DeVita SPF because we normally go for a long walk in the woods, if the weather is nice, and I need to protect my skin.

Eye Cream: Dr. Alkaitis is small and does a great job of hydrating.

For the sake of looking decent in pictures, I like to take makeup with me. It's rare I actually put any on, but I'm going to make it a point to do so this weekend!

Base: Of course I'm taking my Origins concealer, which I use under my eyes and on blemishes, and Alima Pure foundation, to even out the skin and give a little more coverage.

Eyes: Lash curler (hanging at the top of the bag) is a must. Even if I don't put on my zuzu mascara, I will always curl my lashes. I'm also taking my TANF eye primer, Youngblood quad (the perfect quad for me) and physicians formula eye liner to make my top lashes look thicker.

Cheeks: TANF cream blush in Touch of Rose. I just want a very natural and dewy look to my skin.

Makeup Brushes: To apply all of my face products I'm taking the RT buffing brush, pointed foundation brush, and contour brush. For eyes, I'm taking the Sigma blending brush, EcoTools shadow brush and an Alima Pure shadow brush which I use to buff the concealer under my eyes. These are pretty much the brushes that I use every single day.

Sometimes I will take a shower up there  and sometimes I'll just wash my stinky bits. In order to do so, I need soap, which I just realized that I didn't pack. Thank you post, otherwise I would have been screwed! I'll be taking the little sliver of Hugo Naturals bar soap that I have sitting in my shower. I'm taking a couple of samples of John Masters shampoo (lavender & rosemary, and evening primrose) to wash my hair if needed. I'm not taking conditioner because, like I said in the beginning, I can't be bothered to put things into little travel containers and I don't usually wash my hair up there. Lastly, my Weleda calendula lotion and Lafe's deo are coming to keep me hydrated and stink free (hopefully).

I'm also taking some other little things that aren't pictured here like a toothbrush, floss (I surprisingly floss every single day), hair ties, lip balms, lip glosses, etc, etc. I just wanted to show you the main things.

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I keep reading about Pangea products but I don't think I can get them in UK and delivery from US is always very expensive

    1. I really enjoy Pangea, hopefully they reach UK soon so thhat you can try then!


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