Thursday, April 18, 2013

Green Living Show Haul!

I did a post on my day at the show, now here's a look at what I picked up. I didn't get much because if I hadn't of shown some restraint, I would have bought something from every single booth.

Skin Care, Body Care & Makeup

Ta-da! Look at all that stuff. Overwhelmed yet? I picked up...
  • Ground Soap bars; Backbone which smells like cinnamon goodness and Lemme Bee Your Honey which is pretty lemony. Backbone was given to me by the lovely Angela. I think it was because I kept smelling all of the soaps so many times that she wanted to get rid of embarrassing.
  • Bee 23 Hotty Body Balm in Mango Mornings which is fantastic! I've used this the last two days, after showering, and I have absolutely no dry patches. My elbows and knees are soft like a baby's bum!  
  • MarieNatie lip gloss in Love Struck which is gorgeous and tastes like cinnamon and sugar..basically dessert. I've blogged about these before and I'm pretty sure they've been in a couple of monthly favourites, they're great.

Then I got two samples; the white container is the Cocoon Apothecary Petal Purity Exfoliating Facial Cleanser which I've only used once and enjoyed, and the bar is Jaydancin facial bar cleanser which I have yet to use. I don't even know which "flavour" it is and they haven't tweeted me back. TSK TSK Jaydancin!

Tea & Food

I nearly had a heart attack when I saw Pukka teas at one of the booths. This is hands down my favourite brand of tea because the blends are great, they taste awesome, they're fair trade and organic. I think I've mentioned before that my boyfriend enjoys plain green and white loose leaf tea. He judges me with his eyes whenever I pull out anything else but, since he was at my place and desperate, he tried their green tea and really liked it. Life story over, I picked up Harmonise and Green Tea (I think this is the same as Three Green).

Then, since there's food everywhere and I cannot not try it, my boyfriend and I fell in food love with Neal Brothers Organic Blue Corn Tortillas and Habanero Salsa. The Habanero salsa is actually hot. Mouth.On.Fire.Hot! I was like, "yah okay most food that's got hot written on it isn't actually hot". We tried it and there was a bit of a kick, so I picked up two. Once you eat a few, you REALLY start to feel it burn. If spicy is your thing, give this a try.

That concludes my Green Living Show haul. I'm really happy with what I picked up and will definitely do full reviews of the soap, body balm and lip gloss.

Anything in my haul tickle your fancy?


  1. Answer for your question: ALL! ABSOLUTE ALL! I'm reading this at 11:53 pm, and I'm hungry now! grrr!

  2. That mango balm has my name written all over it, I use an amazing mango shea butter from Brownearth be interesting to see how it compares on aromas :)

    1. I'm so in love with it! It has a slight jasmine scent, which I don't normally like, might it's soooo faint and doesn't linger. It hydrates amazingly well


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