Thursday, April 18, 2013

Green Living Show Toronto 2013 Pictures

As those who follow me on Twitter may know, I was at the Green Living Show in Toronto over the weekend. It was so much fun! There were so many booths to help you live a green life whether it be food, beauty, fashion, home or pet related. I didn't take too many pictures because I was literally overwhelmed, but I did take some of my favourite booths.

First stop, Giddy Yoyo. How can one resist chocolate at 10 am? I'm not normally a fan of dark chocolate, but this stuff was sooo delicious. They use natural, organic, fair trade ingredients and best of all, it's all raw! My boyfriend ended up picking up two bars (a banana and an orange flavoured), I think they were bars, which I happily helped him eat.

Bee 23 was next and aside from the beautiful owner, Michelle, the packaging totally suckered me in! It's so friggen cute. Michelle's passion for her products blew me away. It didn't sound like a sales pitch at all, it just sounded like she wanted to tell me about her company and how proud she if of it and the products within it. That, in itself, made me want to buy something (and I did).


MarieNatie was a small booth, which I almost walked right by, if it wasn't for the beautiful makeup set up. It was really wonderful to meet Marie in person and chat a little. I picked up a gloss, although I wish I had picked up another one, but I had to quickly get out of there before I bought everything that she had on her! The products are so pigmented, great quality and beautiful.

These two beautiful ladies are from Sappho Cosmetics. Sappho is a natural cosmetic line with beautiful products and rave reviews on the liquid foundation. JoAnn Fowler is the creator of the line and a makeup artist herself. She's A-MAZING! Honestly, I had so much fun talking with her and hearing about how exciting her life is (regardless of whether she agrees on the exciting part). The booth was getting pretty busy but I managed to chit chat with the awesome girls there and JoAnne herself. She actually did my makeup. Jealous? You should be!

The lovely JoAnn (left) & (right) Kayla (who is as well)

Botany Co. Eyewear is a really cool company that's straight out of Ontario (that's in Canada eh, for all you non Canadians). They make sunglasses out of bamboo wood. What!? You can't get any greener than that! Courtney is the founder and she is also, as you can see from her smile below, super enthusiastic about her product. She has some bad ass shades and she knows it. I'm definitely contemplating picking up a pair!


Cocoon Apothecary is one I've reviewed on my blog before. It was nice to chat with Lane and find out more about the products, including how to properly apply the mud mask. Apply it to a wet face ladies and gents! They were giving out samples, I should have picked up more but, I only picked one up.

Lane sent me a better picture of the booth but for some reason it keeps showing up upside down, this one will have to do.
Last, but not least, Ground Soap. I love soap and was totally excited to check out this booth. The bars are massive and smell fantastic, I picked up two. Angela, the creator and owner, is really outgoing and (here's that word again) passionate. My boyfriend and I had fun chatting with her, hearing how she got her start, and smelling all of the bars over..and over..and over again. Her soaps can be used on the body, face and hair which is great for when you're travelling.

I can't remember what kind of bird this was, hawk? eagle?, but my boyfriend thought it was cool. There were also snakes....*squirms*. I swear one of the snakes kept looking at me, I had to walk away and therefore couldn't take any pictures.

There were a few booths that I missed due to all the excitement and overwhelming feelings over seeing so many green brands and products, such as Green Beaver and Health Hut. You can find a full listing of the exhibitors here.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my day at the Green Living Show. Haul to come! xo


  1. Oh god...I wish I was able to go there! Why is this not in Montreal! Why? Just why? You definitely enjoyed your time there eh? With all those amazing products...But now that I think about it, it's actually good that they are not in Montreal. =P When pictures are tempting me, there's something that stopping me from buying. But when it's right in front of me. GG. Nothing stops me from buying everything haha. Great post! ;)

    1. Haha you're so funny! If I was working, I would have bought everything but since I'm not I gotta hold back. It's a great show and you'd love it!

  2. Looks like a brilliant show with some fantastic products, bit jealous as I'm over in UK I probably won't have an opportunity to try them out

    1. You might if I do a giveaway including some of products. However, I'm jealous because you guys have some fab brands!


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