Monday, March 11, 2013

Lafe's Crystal Deodorant Stick Review

Most green beauties will tell you that an effective natural deodorant is hard to find. It's true. We all have different needs for it; limit sweating, prevent odor, both, and some just don't need deo at all. If you're one of the lucky ones, that doesn't need it, I hate you (with love of course). I personally need something to keep me smelling fresh for as long as possible. Dr. Mist was my go to for months, however, after going through two bottles I thought it was time for a change. Crystal deodorant sticks have long intrigued me. Enter Lafe's Crystal Stick.

Description: 24 hour deodorant protection made with natural mineral salts that eliminate odor-causing bacteria. Convenient package makes using a crystal deodorant easy while protecting the crystal from breakage. The smaller size is ideal for travel.

The Good:
  • mini travel size
  • no residue or white marks
  • effective in keeping me odor-free and dry
  • stick lasts a long time
  • easy to find in stores
  • affordable
The Bad:
  • most effective when applied after a shower or on freshly washed underarms, not as effective when reapplied
  • need to keep another deodorant around to freshen up
  • if you drop it, you're screwed

Verdict: It works! I mean, it's not warm or hot here just yet so I can't say that this holds up in the most extreme of heats or through an intense workout. I do like, that it keeps me dry and stink free for almost 24 hours, it doesn't leave any marks or residue on my clothing and it's affordable.  What I don't like is that it does nothing when reapplied. I tend to shower after school (anywhere between 3 -5 pm), apply it and go on with my day. By noon the next day, I can notice a slight odor beginning and if I reapply, there's really no change in the odor. I tend to keep a regular natural deodorant stick to freshen up, when needed, in my bag. On the odd day that I do shower in the morning, this stick works all day long. Another thing to be cautious of is not dropping the crystal deo. I dropped mine, on carpet, and a tiny piece broke off. I found it when I stepped on it, OUCH! That little bastard hurt. Can you imagine it was dropped on a solid, hard surface?! It's like a stick of tiny glass pieces waiting to prick the bottom of your feet. It's worth trying out. Would I repurchase? Not sure. We'll see how it holds up when the weather gets warmer.

How to apply: wet the stick and rub under one arm (I rub until it's dry). Then, wet again and rub under other arm. Ta-da!

Retails for approx. $3.69 CAN for 2.25 oz. Can be purchased at most health food stores or through Lafe's.

What do you think about crystal deodorant sticks? Love em or hate em?

Ingredients: Potassium Alum (Natural Mineral Salts)

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