Monday, March 18, 2013

Badger Seabuckthorn Apricot & Pomegranate Antioxidant Hair Oil Review

I love hair oils and I usually make my own. They're fantastic for scalp and hair health, in my opinion. Marcella has a sick obsession with Badger and kindly sent this to me to try out. This is another winning product from Badger! They can do no wrong!

Description: Daily life takes a toll on the hair: sun, wind, earth, water, pollutants, and styling can impact hair health. Badger’s here to help restore the balance – let us pay the toll for you! Treat your hair to vitamin and antioxidant-rich oils and extracts, and watch the shine and luster return to overworked hair. We’ve selected our most powerful oils to deliver naturally occurring vitamins A, B, C, E, and K to nourish and replenish hair. Seabuckthorn and Pomegranate promote hair strength and elasticity, and Apricot is a potent emollient, imparting moisture and shine. Rosehip possesses regenerative properties, helping hair to return to its healthiest state.

This oil is beautiful! First off, I love the packaging. The oil comes in a sturdy, leak proof (so it seems), clear glass bottle with a pump. The pump is convenient because you can dispense as little or as much as you want/need and it's not messy. It smells like seabuckthorn oil but sweeter. If you haven't smelled seabuckthorn before, it smells very similar to rosehip but not as intense. The smell doesn't linger at all once washed out. It applies really nicely to the hair and scalp, leaves them both nourished, smells nice, washes out great and doesn't weigh down my fine hair.

I like using this treatment twice a week because my scalp hates me and my ends are damaged. I put a few pumps in my hand and fully saturate my scalp and hair, massage my scalp for a few minutes, and then tie my hair in a bun. If I'm leaving it on overnight, which I usually do, I put a towel on my pillows and rinse out the morning. I do wash my hair twice, to remove it all, only because my hair is so fine.

I highly recommend this oil and would definitely repurchase!

Retails for approx. $22.99 CAN for 2 fl oz.  You can purchase directly through Badger or your local health food store.

Have you ever tried any of Badger's wonderful hair oils?


  1. We only seem to get the balms here in UK, I've yet to track down all the other products they do :( this sounds great

    1. Seriously? Keep hunting, it might be there somewhere! It's lovely.

  2. Sounds great! I haven't seen this oil locally but I suppose I could look online.


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