Monday, March 10, 2014

Reveal My (Makeup) Stash #1 - Foundations & Concealers

I've long been saying that I'd do a makeup post, but have majorly slacked. Makeup isn't a passion of mine and, while it's fun and I'm more into it now than ever before, I prefer a minimal makeup routine and look that I don't feel it's ever worth posting. Since the Reveal My Stash skin care edition was well loved, I thought I'd do the same with makeup. 

My entire makeup collection has definitely grown quite a bit in the last couple of years. I literally used to only own one foundation, one concealer, one blush, one bronzer, one mascara, crap load of lip glosses, and no lipsticks. Seriously. Take a look at what isn't a PR sample, that'll give you a great idea of what my collection was like before. 
Before we start, my apologies for the poor swatch photos. I decided to include swatches as I began doing the post, and of course there's no sun. They came out a darker than they actually are. If you click the links, it'll take you to my full review and you'll likely see better swatches. 


Sappho Liquid Foundation in Leisha and *Rachel*Pure Anada Sheer Matte Pressed Foundation in Very Fair and Light, and Jane Iredale Amazing Base in Amber & Radiant (sent to me by Alexis of The Green Beauty Bunny). 
I use Sappho's Leisha with Pure Anada's Light on top, most often. If I don't wear powder, I'll mix Leisha and Rachel together. If I only wear powder, Light is what I reach for. The inner part of my arm isn't as pale as my face, therefore Sappho's Leisha and Pure Anada's Very Fair are workable but too light on their own. All shades are fairly neutral, leaning towards yellow toned. 

B to T: Sappho in Leisha, Sappho in Rachel, Pure Anada in Very Fair, Pure Anada in Light, Jane Iredale in Amber, & Jane Iredale in Radiant
B to T: Sappho in Leisha, Sappho in Rachel, Pure Anada in Very Fair, Pure Anada in Light, Jane Iredale in Amber, & Jane Iredale in Radiant

*Sappho Concealer in Undo & Neutrality, Origins Plantscription in Light, *OhSudz Concealer in Warm, Salmon & Medium.

A good under eye concealer has been a major struggle for me too find. Since I have blue veins, I can't use yellow because then my under eyes look green. Sappho's Neutrality was being used regularly, however, I found it to look a little gray/grey at times. Out of the concealers I have, I've been using OhSudz in Warm to conceal under my eyes and Origins as a shadow base (just to use it up). The others just aren't a great match for me.

B to T: Sappho Neutrality, Sappho Undo, OhSudz in Salmon, OhSudz in Medium, OhSudz in Warm, & Origins in Light

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*PR SAMPLES. OhSudz was kindly sent to me to figure out which shade best suits me, it wasn't for review consideration or anything blog related. Not sure if that still qualifies as a PR sample, just letting you know anyway.


  1. You should try the Silk Naturals Peach HD Cream Concealer for those undereye circles! I have pale, cool-toned skin with visible blue veins under my eyes, and this concealer is honestly the best I've ever tried, dirty or clean. #10 is way too light (I got a sample), #20 is good, but next time I'd probably get #30 as #20 runs a little bit paler than I'd like. But it's dirt cheap, so it's no big deal if you get the wrong one.

    It's creamy, but not so creamy that it slides off too quickly. I do generally layer my concealers (my circles are THAT bad!), but sometimes I use this one on its own.

    1. Thanks babe, I'll definitely take a look! I've wanted to try silk naturals Sleep in a Jar but shipping to Canada is insane. xo

  2. Really great collection :) I find natural concealers so hard to get right, as there just isn't the same shade choice as in conventional brands. You have a much better selection than me however ;)

    1. Thank you :). Definitely agree on the fact that there isn't the same shade choice. Your collection will quickly grow, don't you worry xo


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