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Pai Fragonia & Sea Buckthorn Instant Hand Therapy Cream Review

Pai is a brand that has been well received and loved by many green and non-green beauties around the world. What I love most about this brand, is that all of their products are created for highly reactive and sensitive skin types. You won't find any nasty ingredients like synthetic preservatives, fragrances or colours and there is certainly no animal testing that goes on.
Sarah Brown, founder, suffered from a severe skin allergy. Of course, doctors prescribed pills as a band-aid solution instead of trying to figure out the root of the problem. She began researching possible causes of her skin flare ups and was shocked with her discovery. In 2007, Pai was born. Sarah's goal "was to create the cleanest plant-based skin care on the market". I think she's succeeded, no?

Description: Our Instant Hand Therapy Cream incorporates the latest in bio-active ingredients that soothe and regenerate dry skin. Rich in Pro-Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Omega 3, 6 & 7, it aids cell renewal and smoothes the skin. Simply apply and instantly get on with your day - this hand cream absorbs fast without leaving greasy residues. Suitable for all skin types and particularly effective for dry, chapped and sensitive skin.

When I attended a Clementine Fields event late last year, I received this Pai Fragonia & Sea Buckthorn Instant Hand Therapy Cream in my gift bag. I had been eyeing this hand cream for ages, but the price tag held me back. I am so glad that I finally got to try it because it's amazing! It absorbs extremely fast, yet still leaves my hands uber soft and nourished, and a little goes a very, very long way. Fragonia has been known to have anti-inflammatory properties, while sea buckthorn and rosehip aid in cell regeneration. I've noticed that whenever I apply this hand cream, it immediately calms down any itching and/or redness on my hands. My only beef is the packaging. I love the fabulous pump and air tight packaging but, it's too bulky to keep in my small daily bag. Regardless, my hands love it and I sense that it'll be a staple on my nightstand.

Retails for approx. $27 CAN for 50 ml. Can be purchased through Pai (you can change the country and search stockists in your area) and Clementine Fields

Have you ever tried this indulgent hand cream? Thoughts?

Ingredients: purified water, grape seed oil*, vegetable glycerine*, avocado oil*, coconut derived emulsifier, rosehip oil*, macadamia oil*, shea butter*, plum kernel oil, sea buckthorn oil*, fragonia oil, palmarosa oil*, castor oil*, natural vitamin e, grapefruit oil*, basil extract, corn extract, coconut oil extract, sustainable palm oil extract, lactic acid (from sugar beet)
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  1. Nice post! I havent never tried it :-)...but looks really nice.

  2. It's a lovely hand cream. I agree with you that the packaging is very bulky x

    1. It's too bad isn't it? Would be fab if it was less bulky xo

  3. can you tell us the inci please of the coconut oil emulsifier and as this product contains water as the first ingredient, where is the preservative? you cannot make emulsions like this without preserving them, it is very dangerous and can potentially have bacterial growth otherwise. please let me know, as I am looking for really 100% natural products, but find that companies always hide some ingredients. you really need to give your readers the inci listing, which lets us know exactly what is in the products you review (very well by the way) rather than the ingredients in english, which can be misleading sometimes. the other two ingredients that are rather ambigious are the coconut oil extract, what is this and why is it here and also the palm oil extract, what is this? I normally don't buy products that contain palm oil.

  4. Hi Mary,

    Please find the full INCI list below:

    Full Ingredients (INCI)

    Aqua - Purified Water
    Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil* - Grape Seed Oil
    Glycerin* - Vegetable Glycerine
    Persea Gratissima Oil* - Avocado Oil
    Cetearyl Alcohol - Emulsifier derived from Coconut
    Rosa Canina Seed Extract* - Rosehip Oil
    Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil* - Macadamia Oil
    Butyrospermum Parkii Butter* - Shea Butter
    Prunus Domestica Seed Oil* - Plum Kernel Oil
    Cetearyl Glucoside - Emulsifier derived from Corn
    Hippophae Rhamnoides Fruit Extract* - Sea Buckthorn Oil
    Agonis Fragrans Branch / Leaf Oil - Fragonia Oil
    Pelargonium Graveolens Oil* - Geranium Oil
    Prunus Amygdalus Amara Kernel Oil - Bitter Almond Oil
    Glyceryl Stearate Citrate - Emulsifier derived from sustainable Palm Oil
    Ricinus Communis Seed Oil* - Castor Oil
    Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate - From Coconut Oil
    Tocopherol - Natural Vitamin E
    Sodium Anisate - Non-Irritating Preservative derived from Basil
    Sodium Levulinate - Non-Irritating Preservative derived from Corn
    Lactic Acid - pH Stabiliser derived from Sugar Beet

    This is very similar to what appears on the box - but with a bit more information - for instance, highlighting the two preservative ingredients.

    The hand cream is certified organic by the Soil Association, with 78% of the non-water ingredients from organic farming. The other ingredients are approved for use in organic formulations and usually have natural sources.

    Happy to help with any questions you might have. I work for Pai, but not on the formulation side, so if it is too technical I might have to put you in touch with Sarah or one of our chemists.

    Best wishes,



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