Tuesday, February 25, 2014

On A Branch Soap: Monday Morning Review

Hi lovelies! Sorry that I've been MIA. My internet has been up and down, friggen technology, and I haven't had the patience to deal with it. Going to try and write a bunch of posts now so that I can just upload them should it go down again :). Now for the review!

I love soap. While there's almost always a body wash in my shower rotation, soap is where my heart and addiction lays. During my visit to Anise Apothecary, On A Branch Soaps suckered me in with it's beautiful and creative packaging (just look below), and scent selection. My boyfriend was sweet enough to pick me up Monday Morning.

Image from the Anise Apothecary Facebook Page
On A Branch Soaps is a Canadian brand, made in Burlington, Ontario. Tara Patey, owner/creator/artisan, is very passionate about the products that she creates and makes each one with love and care. She's constantly playing with different soap ideas, scents, designs, and even willing to make one unique to your business/event.

Monday Morning is scented with cinnamon and blood orange, and while it does contain coffee grinds, it doesn't smell of it (sadly). The scent that comes through most is the cinnamon, which I absolutely adore. I will say that the scent isn't as strong in my shower (during use) as it is when I smell the bar directly or even packaging. Speaking of packaging, how effen cute? She hand wraps each one in beautiful decorative paper, which is both eco friendly and pretty to look at, and stamps them with her logo. Her logo, the bird, was actually created by her. See what I mean, a whole lotta love goes into each soap! Back to Monday Morning. While this soap is lovely, I find the coffee grinds to be a little too sharp and harsh on my body. I did mention that to Tara, and she quickly apologized and made a note to grind them up a little more in the future. Aside from that, I have nothing bad to say about the brand. The ingredients are fantastic, the soaps affordable, and Tara is a pleasure to deal with (should you purchase from her and not a retailer).

Retails for $6 CAN for a 4.5 - 5 oz bar. Can be purchased through Etsy and Anise Apothecary. I believe that Tara takes down whatever scents are not currently available on her etsy store, so you may need to contact her (through etsy) if you're interested in this (or any) specific scent to find out what they will be available.

Ingredients - no palm oil, just sayin!
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  1. These soaps are too cute! Great find gurl.

    Mayah x

  2. Ooooo these look lovely! Great that she's open to listening to feedback too :)

    1. Yes it is, it's always nice when people are open to feedback xo


Thanks for the comment/feedback!

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