Monday, July 15, 2013

Best Smoothie/Juice Ever - My Fave Recipe

I have been juicing ever since my parents got the NutriBullet, a few months now. While I love trying new juices, I tend to stick to ingredients that I enjoy eating. If I won't eat it, I won't drink it! Simple. Lately, I've been making this one particular juice that I just can't get enough of. It's delicious, nutritious, and easy to make.

What's in it?

  • 1/2 banana
  • baby spinach
  • baby kale
  • frozen fruit
  • water
  • raspberry lemonade (this is what makes it taste soooo good)

I prefer baby spinach & kale, but you can buy them by the bunch if you prefer

I don't measure anything, I just pack it all in the little NutriBullet cup and hope for the best. Put 1/2 banana, kale, spinach, water and lemonade.
This shows how much water I put. I then put lemonade to the MAX line.

Totally forgot to take a picture, but I put about a handful of frozen berries in and blend again.

TA-DA, brown unappetizing looking smoothie! lol. I have since (today, literally) made this with just 1/2 banana, baby kale, baby spinach, 3 mint leaves, water and splash raspberry lemonade and it is even MORE delicious!!!!!!! I didn't think it was possible. It's extremely refreshing, detoxifying and just the perfect amount of sweetness.

Let me know if you've tried this and/or what your favourite smoothie/juice recipes are.


  1. In my home we've been juicing as well, mostly mixing fruits with other fruits. I'll mention adding spinach and kale next time :)

    1. That's fantastic! It's good for you with or without spinach/kale, however, you honestly can't taste it especially if you add spinach. Let me know how it goes

  2. This looks delicious! The Magic Bullet looks like a very convenient tool. This drink must make your skin glow. My esthetican, Cecilia Wong, recommends putting some on your face as a nutritious mask. I'm all for that with this recipe. What about you?

    1. I would totally put it on my face, minus the lemonade. I'd add fresh lemon juice instead & perhaps some honey :)

  3. Sounds yummy! Also, I love that lemonade - I'll have to try it in smoothies some time:)

    1. The lemonade is delicious, I have the plain one too, best I've ever had. Totally try it in a smoothie, I swear you won't taste any of the veggies

  4. I love creamy smoothies so I don't usually mix fruit juices / citrus fruits but I don't mind giving this a try. But it's quite hard to find 'clean' juices in local stores :(

    1. I'm a fan of creamy as well. Think of this as a good for you lemonade to refresh you during a hot summer day :p. Your health food stores don't have clean or semi clean juices?


Thanks for the comment/feedback!

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