Tuesday, November 11, 2014

October 2014 Empties

Ohhh goodness, it's time to peep at my trash again. This month I really focused on using up samples as they tend to accumulate and just wait around to be used. I also finished up several full sized products that have been in rotation for months. I feel lighter already!

Andalou Naturals Shea Butter + Sea buckthorn Hand Cream - no review - I've tried the lavender version of this hand cream and it burned, for some odd reason. This one, however, works well when I have and don't have an ezcema flare up. It's smells like oranges, which is always uplifting, and keeps my hands super soft. Already repurchased.

Deep Steep Body Wash in Lavender Chamomile - review here - Deep Steep makes the best and my absolutely favourite body washes. This scent was particular light and nice, however, I still prefer Honeydew Spearmint. Will be repurchasing.

Pretty Ginger & Cypress Soothing Beauty Mud - review here - A long time favourite that works so well for my skin, whether it's warm or cold out. Not sure how they concocted such a simple face mask that works like magic but my DIYs and other clay masks just don't compare. It pulls out impurities and leaves my skin soft and more even toned. Will be repurchasing.

Andalou Naturals Apricot Probiotic Cleansing Milk - review here - I love this cleanser so much, but I hate the packaging. This is the third bottle that I've gone through and the pump stopped working half way through the bottle, so I had to open it and shake it on my palm every time. So annoying. Aside from that, I loved the formula and how soft (and clear!) my skin was whenever I used it. Despite my love for this cleanser, I will not be repurchasing unless they change the pump.

Living Libations Sea Buckthorn + Tamanu All Over Body Lotion - no review - I was so excited to try this lotion, mainly because it contained sea buckthorn and tamanu (plus a bunch of other amazing ingredients) but, I felt as though it didn't do much for my skin. I used in on both my body and face, it absorbed really well but my skin never felt moisturized enough. It also smelled strongly of vetiver, which lingered. Will not be repurchasing.

*nyl Body Balm - review here - This body balm boasted an impressive list of ingredients and worked incredibly well on my dry elbows, knees, feet, and ezcema patches. A little went a very long way, however, I wasn't a fan of the scent. It's a scent that I can't even describe, perhaps tamanu but stale? I don't know. Will not be repurchasing.

*Gemstone Organic Rube Creme - review here - Lovvvveddd this creme. It worked amazing for my skin and kept it well moisturized without breaking me out. Gemstone Organic has kindly sent me a full size and once I use that up, I will definitely be repurchasing with my own money!

Odacite Pure Elements Pa + G Concentrate - review here - This concentrate did not let me down. It did what it claimed it would, brighten hyperpigmentation and overall skin complexion. While I'm not a fan of the scent of geranium, this one was quite pleasant. I will likely repurchase Pa + G, however, I'd like to try other concentrates from the range.

NBW Healing Balm - review here - This balm has been repackaged (or relabeled) and slightly reformulated to remove soy oil. Still, it worked amazing for my ezcema and I literally cannot live without it. It was so easy to apply on problem areas (dry skin, ezcema, burns, cuts, etc) and travel with. LOVE and have already repurchased. PS. Check out their new website!

Sappho Liquid Foundation in Leisha - review here - The review is actually for Rachel, which is a shade up from Leisha but you can see swatches of Leisha here. I love this foundation dearly (despite it oxidizing) and can't seem to find anything better. It can be light to full coverage, depending on how you apply it, and looks like skin! This little bottle lasted me about 10 full months, so a little goes a long day. Worth every penny and I've already repurchased Leisha.

BeautyBlender - I use the BB to apply Leisha and it's lasted almost as long as the bottle of foundation has (I took very good care of it). I loved the skin like flawless finish that it left behind and already have another one on the go.

*Earthlab Raw Mascara in Black - review here - Great mascara! Even though it didn't give me the va-va-voom lashes that I love to have, it didn't smudge, smear, or flake, and lasted all day without irritating my eyes. I have a few other mascaras to use up but, this is one I'd definitely repurchase.

Hurraw Lip Balm in Black Cherry - review here - The formulation is pretty much the same to the one reviewed, however, this one has a reddish tint and cherry flavour. I loved it! The ingredients are spectacular and I loved the slight tint that it gave my lips. The only thing I dislike about these lip balms is that they get really, really, really soft when it's warm out. Great for the colder months, not a fan in the warmer months.

Sante Brow Pencil in #2 - no review - I've raved about Zuzu in Russet but, I love this one even more. The brown is perfect, cool toned, and the formulation is spot on. I fill in my brows daily, whether I wear any other makeup or not, and this one has lasted me months, I already repurchased and have a backup.

*Rahua Shampoo (sample) - This wasn't as incredible as I expected it to be. It didn't really do much for my hair and actually irritated my sensitive scalp.

*Desert Essence Coconut Conditioner (sample x 2) - Again, disappointed considering the reviews. The coconut scent that it left behind was lovely, but it didn't really do much for my hair. Mind you, I don't normally used conditioner nor do I feel I really need it.

*Rare El'ements Pure Shampoo (sample x 2) - Now this was a lovely shampoo! It has a faint herbal scent, lathered well, left my hair clean and scalp happy. Still, I prefer OM.

*Rare El'ements Essential Conditioner (sample x 2) - Another conditioner that didn't do anything for my hair. It felt like more of a thick conditioning mask than an everyday type conditioner.

*Viva Health Amaze Exfoliating Gel (sample) - This was supposed to be a chemical exfoliant that rubs off dead skin cells, however, as I applied it on my skin, it seemed to ball up and off. I didn't notice a difference in my skin. Will not be purchasing the full size.
*Viva Health Cleansing Gel (sample) - I'm not a fan of gel cleansers and this one was no exception. It was a traditional gel texture, but didn't really foam, and stung my face a bit. Will not be purchasing the full size.
*Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Beautiful Day Cream (sample) - I'm not usually a fan of rose scents but, I didn't mind this one. It felt really nice on the skin but wasn't enough on its own. Will not be purchasing the full size.
*Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Beautiful Night Cream (sample) - Again, pleasant rose scent. I really enjoyed using this one in the day because it was heavier than the day cream and left my skin well moisturized for makeup. I have other products that I like better though. Will not be purchasing the full size.
*Ella's Lemon Zing Beauty Bar Soap (sample) - I used this to cleanse my hands and really enjoyed the light scent and exfoliating properties. I'm not a fan of the fact that canola oil is the base. Will not be purchasing the full size.
*Annointment Shea Butter Cream (sample) - This was really rich but absorbed nicely. I didn't love it enough to purchase a full size.
*Rose Mira Sweet Coconut Body Butter (sample) - I loved the tropical coconut, with a hint of citrus scent, of this body butter and found it worked really well. However, it did melt in transit and became gritty once it hardened. It would probably be better in the colder months, avoiding the temperature fluctuations, but I don't think I'll purchasing the full size. 
*Nature Girl Vanilla Shea (sample) - I adored the whipped texture of this shea butter and how quickly it absorbed, just not the scent. I may consider picking up the full size of another scent.
*May Lindstrom The Problem Solver (sample) - A client was actually kind enough to give me a generous sample from her personal jar to try. I'm not sure it's as magical as everyone claims it to be, however, I did use it incorrectly the first time and didn't have enough to use it correctly the second time. That being said, it's likely I didn't reap the benefits due to personal error.
It's no surprise that my empties post this month is ridiculous, when will my stash end?! I'm not complaining, I love samples and trying out new things. November will probably be ridiculous as well because I've been using up more samples and finishing up things that I've had sitting around for ages.
What have you finished in October?
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*PR samples, received at shows, provided by friends or business owners (as they would provide anyone with samples), etc. All opinions are entirely my own


  1. I love Hurraw balm and May Lindstrom. Also, Odacité, Andalou Naturals, Rose Mira, and that mascara sounds great. Will definitely take a look at these great finds!

  2. I love your empties posts! I need to try the Andalou hand cream, sounds right up my alley :)

    1. Aw thanks! It's so good, one of my favourite affordable hand creams xo

  3. I have a tiny pot of The Clean Dirt that I'm waiting to try out - but the Problem Solver is next on my list to have a poke at. Impressed by the stub of your Hurraw! balm - I just keeping buying more and more... Love seeing your empties, you got through a good amount! x

    1. When you try The Clean Dirt, tweet me and let me know how it worked! I'm curious about May Lindstrom, I just think it's so expensive. xo

  4. Smart girl! You finished so many products!
    Oh by they way its me Bambiii87 from instagram! I have an eco blog too :))

    Big kisses ❤❤❤

  5. Oh no about the AN pump! Ugh now I'm just waiting for it to break and to be pissed like you :P Really want to try Gemstone Organic, sounds like such a gorgeous brand :) xx

    1. bahahah noooo! I shouldn't of said anything about it. Let me know when it breaks though lol xo

  6. You always have so many empties haha I take so long to use stuff up! I love Deep Steep body washes too, not tried the Lavender scent yet though but it's next on my list :) x

    1. I loveeee finishing stuff lol. Lavender is very mild scent, I think it'll be nice for the colder months xo


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