Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Unboxing: Petit Vour Limited Luxury FW14 "Creme de la Cruelty-Free" Box

Looky, looky, another incredible Petit Vour box. If you follow me on Instagram then you may have already seen the picture that I posted of this box. If you don't have Instagram or missed the post, here's your chance to get a more in depth look at the goodies.

The Limited Luxury FW13 box was co-curated by vegan bombshell/Supermodel Emily Nolan of My Kind of Life. "Whether you're looking to start fresh or elevate your routine, we've brought together the choice picks for your boudoir. Our second Limited Luxury Box features 7 top-notch products by our favorite eco luxury boutique brands - culled for you to look your best and brightest!"

In case you don't already know, Petit Vour is a lush vegan subscription box that has a fantastic variety of treats from skin care to makeup. They believe that... 
"Beauty is bold. Beauty is kind. Beauty is self-expression and emotion, inner glow then outer glow. We strive to enhance these elements for you and help make it easier in maintaining a compassionate lifestyle. Every aspect of our beauty box is thought out and constructed to provide you with the highest standards. To us, that means no animal testing, animal products, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, sulfates, and so much more."

Antonym Ecocert Certified Natural Eye Pencil in Black (full size) -  I won't lie, I was a tad disappointed to see another eye liner despite it being by a top notch brand. This one promises to be waterproof and comes with a hidden pencil sharpener, perfect for tossing in your bag.
Retails for $18.00.

KYPRIS Antioxidant Dew & Beauty Elixir 1 (samples) - This brand has been getting some serious hype lately and I'm more than happy to see if they live up to the hype. Both are supposed to restore vitality and radiance, all while repairing damage caused by the environment.
Full size retails for $60.00 (50 ml) & $225.00 (50 ml).

Marie Natie Lip Gloss in Tickled  (limited edition full size) - I already adore, Canadian brand, Marie Natie glosses, so I was excited to get this one. The packaging is gorgeous, the gloss is incredibly moisturizing, and it smells/tastes like vanilla cinnamon donuts!!
Full size retails for $18.00.

My Daughter Fragrances in Joyful (spritzer) - Another Canadian brand! With notes of orange flower, lime blossom, rose, jasmine and creamy sandalwood, this is one I thought I'd hate. Surprisingly, I fell in love with this perfume before I even received it in my box. It smells lovely and mixes well with my body chemistry. I also like that it doesn't linger for the entire day, it wears off nicely.
Retails for $25.00 (10 ml) or $85.00 (50 ml).

Rare El'ements Luxury Hair Care (4x 7 ml samples) - Shampoo and conditioner are weird things for me to try because of my scalp issue, so these haven't been used yet. They're supposed to be amazing and contain the "most exotic and quintessential ingredients in the world". We'll see.
Full sizes retail between $34.00 and $44.00.

Tres Pure Mini Face Cleanse (sample) - This is a gentle exfoliating cleanser that contains beautiful ingredients like adzuki bean, rose, and sandalwood. I have yet to try it, but I definitely look forward to it.
Retails for $10.00 (mini) or $50.00 (3 oz).

What can I say? Another amazing box. I love that Petit Vour has introduced me to several new brands of varying price points, and have included (and continue to include) Canadian brands. This box is still available here and retails for $40 + free shipping within the US. If you are outside of the US, it is $40.00 + the cost of shipping.

Have you tried Petit Vour? What are your thoughts on the vegan beauty box company?

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*Box provided for review consideration. All opinions are my own.


  1. I've been wanting to try the KRYPIS serums! They sound absolutely wonderful.

  2. "smells/tastes like vanilla cinnamon donuts" I need that lip gloss lol.....the colour looks gorgeous, a great box :)

    1. Haha you'd do what I do, lick it or pretend you're eating a don't with each sniff

  3. What a great feeling that no animals are hurt because of this wonderstuff! I'm a fan!


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