Monday, August 11, 2014

Cleanse Your Skin With Grains, Pretty Cleansing Grains

Cleansing grains seem to be the new thing, or one of the many new things really. Their simple ingredients list and ability to gently exfoliate the delicate skin, daily, make it a must have for many green beauties. I've been playing with a couple from Pretty and have fallen completely in love.

I won't lie, I've tried Pretty's cleansing grains before and haven't been too impressed. To be fair, I never gave them a real chance because it seemed like an inconvenient and messy way of cleansing. Boy was I wrong! Cleansing grains are incredible. They gently exfoliate while allowing your skin to benefit from the added ingredients like clay, essential oils, herbs, and flowers. I purchase Black Tea & Raw Cocoa and Rose Petal & Oatmeal. It's important to note that the ratio of grains to water is all preference and that it takes a bit of time to get used to. Stick with it though, you'll be hooked once you figure it out.

Black Tea & Raw Cocoa: Pure raw cocoa and black tea powder deeply cleanse by lifting dead skin cells and environmental pollutants. Organic oatmeal and kaolin clay draws toxins out of pores and keeps skin blemish free. Steam-distilled essential oils of orange and spearmint tone and invigorate the skin. Leaves your skin clean, clear and radiant. Ingredients below.

With essential oils like spearmint and orange, this is one antiseptic cleanser that's fantastic for oily/combination skin. At first, my sensitive skin wasn't a fan, but with continued use it really began to embrace and welcome the tingle. The spearmint and orange make it very refreshing and uplifting in the morning, and I enjoyed using it in the shower on my face, shoulders, chest, and upper back as a pick-me-up. Are you surprised? I use most acne fighting cleansers on those areas.

Rose Petal & Oatmeal: Crushed rose petals and organic oatmeal remove impurities while improving skin circulation. This gentle scrub is soft enough for even the most dry or sensitive skin. It replenishes moisture and lifts away dead skin cells and environmental pollutants. Steam-distilled essential oils of magnolia and rose geranium gently balance and brighten skin. Leaves your skin soft and radiant. Ingredients below.

This one is my favourite, mainly because it's best suited for my skin year round. The combination of different oils, such as palmarosa, rose geranium, lavender, and magnolia, really help to soften, nourish, brighten, and treat the skin.

Both cleansing grains exfoliate with ground oatmeal and draw out impurities with kaolin clay, but it's the added ingredients that set them apart and make them more/less ideal for certain skin types and conditions. Both make for a fantastic morning cleanse, smoothing the canvas for better absorption of oils, serums, and creams, and allowing for better application of makeup. They smell beautiful and not at all overwhelming, perfect for even those most sensitive of noses. I'm a convert!

You can purchase these through Pretty or click here to find a retailer closest to you. Pretty has just completely revamped their website and even if you don't purchase products, you should check it out because it's g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!

Have you ever tried cleansing grains? Do you have any favourites (brands or homemade recipes)?

This was a bit more runny than I prefer. I like a nice paste.
Black Tea & Raw Cocoa Ingredients: Organic oats, kaolin clay, orange oil, spearmint oil, organic raw cocoa powder, tiger lily flowers, black tea powder.

Rose Petal & Oatmeal Ingredients: Organic oats, kaolin clay, magnolia oil, lavender oil, rose geranium oil, palmarosa oil, wild rose petals.
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  1. Haven't tried the Rose, but I really like Pretty's Black Tea & Cocoa grains too :) One package lasts so much longer than I was expecting too!

    1. I know, I've had these for probably 6 months or so and am now just finishing them up.

  2. Great post! I love these cleansing grains! My favorite product is a solid cleanser from Lush or my DIY-recipe based on it. It is something between grain and a normal cleanser because it has no tensides and is based on almond flour and kaolin and contains a bit of water. :)
    Best wishes,

  3. Wow, oats? sounds interesting! thanks for sharing loveey

    Jennos Health.

  4. These seem lovely! I think that the Black Tea & Raw Cocoa one would be best suited for my skin type and I love the idea of an using exfoliating grains as a cleanser.

    1. They are really nice! They don't remove makeup so would definitely have to be a 2nd or morning cleanse xo

  5. You already turned me on to the clay mask from Pretty. I may be in trouble now with a few more goodies from them! These sound fabulous. Xo

  6. Rose & Oatmeal ooooooh! Sounds amazing x

  7. I'm really loving this brand! I would LOVE to try these cleansing grains. Thanks for sharing!


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