Thursday, March 05, 2015

February 2015 Empties!

February was a busy month, mostly because of the fact that I started a new job at the end of January AND there have been several social events happening on the weekends. Still, life goes on and I managed to use up a bunch of products. 

Andalou Naturals Illuminating Toner - review here - A definite favourite of mine. It's the best and so affordable. Already repurchased.

Corpa Flora Beaute Divine Cleansing Oil - review here - Another favourite. This stuff smelled nice, lasted months, removed makeup like a dream, and didn't break me out. Will eventually repurchase, once I use up some other oils.

Kiss My Face Creamy Face Cleanser - I picked this up because Brianna, Iluvjesse444, raved about it. It had a very creamy, yet tacky, texture and smelled nice, but did absolutely nothing for my skin. I much prefer the Andalou Probiotic Cleanser and have repurchased that one instead.

Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda Free Deo - review here - Aaaaand another fave! This stuff smelled delicious and worked to keep my pits from stinking (and sweating) without irritating them. I do think there is a quality control issue with these though. Either way, it works and I've already repurchased.

*Joyous Health Minty Fresh Toothpaste - A review was supposed to happen on this gem, clearly it didn't. I enjoyed the simplistic ingredients, how big the jar was, and how fresh my mouth felt after using this but Living Libations seems to help with my teeth sensitivity better. I've repurchased Living Libations instead.

*North Hill Soap Company Earth Goddess Soap - review here - I enjoyed this soap because of how soft it left my skin feeling. Sadly, it didn't do much in the clarifying department. They have other bars that I prefer over this one, won't repurchase.

*Corpa Flora Corpa Nutritive Body Oil - review here - Fabulous body oil! The pump bottle was awesome, the oil was extremely moisturizing and glided on the skin with ease, it absorbed beautifully, and left my skin baby soft. Once I use up some other body oils, I'll likely repurchase this one.

*SBT After Sun Cream - Obviously I didn't use this for its intended purpose, as I haven't seen the sun in months, however it made a fantastic body cream. It was soothing and incredibly moisturizing. I actually enjoyed mixing it with a bit of the Corpa Flora body oil for that extra oomph that my skin desperately needed. The only downfall was the scent, it smelled like olive oil and sea buckthorn oil. which doesn't appeal to me. Although I enjoyed it, I wouldn't purchase the full size because of the scent alone.

Andalou Naturals Hand Cream in Clementine - My absolute favourite hand cream! It smelled incredible, really helped soothe and clear up the eczema on my hands, absorbed and moisturized well, and is fairly affordable. Already repurchased.

*Reese & Luke Baby Balm - review here - This stuff saved my incredibly dry winter skin. I applied it on dry patches (on my face) as well as all over my body as a moisturizer, to soothe severely dry skin and it worked like a charm! I enjoyed the tin that it came in and the lavender scent. Would repurchase in the future.

*SBT Salves for Sunburn and Eczema & Dermatitis - review here - Balms and salves aren't really my jam. I enjoy them in the winter months as an after shower and before bed body moisturizer, but otherwise I don't care for them. That being said, these were fantastic as a body moisturizer, foot balm, AND cleansing balm. Great multipurpose products and because they're so big, they're a great value. Took me months to use these up. The scents weren't my favourite though. Since it'll hopefully start warming up soon, and I don't use products like this in the warmer months, I won't be repurchasing until next winter.

*Pacifica Dreamlit Eye Brightener - I'm actually tossing this because it's way too pink, the texture sucks, and it doesn't even cover or brighten all that well.

*Alima Pure Natural Definition Mascara - review here - I ended up really enjoying this mascara. It definitely didn't thicken, but it was great for lengthening, as a bottom lash mascara, and for layering. Likely wouldn't repurchase.

100% Pure Lip Glaze in Seduce - review here - I've mentioned several times my love/hate relationship with this product. I used the rest of it up as a lip balm because it's such a neutral-ish shade and was super creamy. Since I'm more into lip pencils and matte lips now, this isn't something I'd repurchase but would totally recommend.

CV Skinlabs Skin Balm - This was wonderful as an intense overnight lip treatment and I love the concept behind the brand, however, I still had about half left before it started to smell incredibly funky. Pretty sure that it's gone bad, that's why I'm tossing it. For $20+ for a tiny tube, I'm super disappointed that I didn't get to use it up and that it went bad so quickly. Won't be repurchasing.

Alima Pure Bronzer in Mauna Loa & Maracaibo (samples) - Mauna Loa is a personal favourite of mine, it's such a perfect bronzer for my skin. I'm actually almost done going through the full size. Maracaibo is slightly warmer than my natural skin tone, so I used it as a setting powder/foundation when I went out at night.

Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream (sample) - For such a creamy product, I found it dried to a semi matte finish and didn't quite moistuize my skin as well as I had hoped. This would likely be a better product for my skin during the winter months and I plan on picking up another sample to test my theory (because it's pretty pricey).

May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon (sample) - This super swanky product was a let down for me, thankfully a spa customer gave me this sample to try. I found the scent overpowering and instead of calming my facial skin, it ended up breaking me out.

See any favourites? Have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments! I'd also love to know what you finished :)
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  1. What a shame about the CV skin labs balm it is such a lovely product,otherwise, I thought the blue cocoon was a big let down too! Xx

    1. It was lovely while it didn't smell weird. Shame about blue cocoon but it's nice that we had the opportunity to sample it and save a steep price tag xo


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